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Weird problem


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Hello, here is my problem, when I play gta 4 and push any keyboard key, game stops for like half second and then continues again, if I keep pressing buttons the action in game looks like it would be 2 fps, that's kinda weird, cause I still can't understand what connection have keyboard keys and game performance... Anybody knows how to solve this problem? I would be really appreciate smile.gif

P.S. When I installed gta 4 first time after reinstalling OS it worked quite properly, but when I reinstalled gta 4, this happens...

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Something like this has already been asked, see this topic.

"When I steer a car the game freezes for a second then continues. Same happens when I press A or D on foot. I can avoid a freeze only if I press and hold A or D for longer (2 seconds), so steering while going fast is impossible."


But still, I don't really know what's causing it. Wait for others giving advise, I can't really help you. Sorry whatsthat.gif

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