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[SNP] Mafia and Heist missions


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Hey guys, I'm new.


I've been playing GTA SA and I just can't use an airplane. My friend got through the flying school for me because I just couldn't do it.


Please, can someone finish the remaining Heist missions (Dam and Blast, Cop Wheels and Up, Up and Away) and the two next Mafia missions (Freefall and Saint Mark's Bistro) for me? Also It would be good if you could do the Zero and Verdant Meadows missions for me too.


You can take how long you want, I'm not in a hurry smile.gif


Thanks in advance.

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lil weasel

... Don't double post, USE the EDIT button to change/add/delete information in an un-answered postin..smile.gif


For: realitycheck

Missions: Saint Mark's Bistro

Link: http://gtasnp.com/26222

Notes: 20,000$ added to Account.

Respect increased.

Replaced Body Armour for end of LV airport runway. Restocked Molotov Cocktails.

Saved at Four Dragons Casino for the next round of missions.



Carry On! icon14.gif



The M4 Assault Rifle outranges and has larger ammo capacity than the AK47.

The Sniper Rifle is more useful and easier to use than the Rifle.


Spend some time learning to fly it is worth it.

Remember, you can always redo the school without any worry.

High scores always stand.

Learning to fly –

All are timed trials to acquire awards




< 45 sec.
< 37.5 sec.
< 30 sec.
Land Plane
< 40 sec.
< 32.5 sec.
< 25 sec.
Circle Airstrip
< 75 sec.
< 67.5 sec.
< 60 sec.
Circle Airstrip and Land
< 95 sec.
< 87.5 sec.
< 80 sec.
Helicopter Takeoff
< 60 sec.
< 52.5 sec.
< 45 sec.
Land Helicopter
< 45 sec.
< 37.5 sec.
< 30 sec.
Destroy Targets
< 105 sec.
< 92.5 sec.
< 80 sec.
Loop the Loop
< 27 sec.
< 24 sec.
< 21 sec.
Barrel Roll
< 23 sec.
< 20.5 sec.
< 18 sec.
Parachute onto Target
< 70 sec.
< 62.5 sec.
< 55 sec.


Completing the tests with Bronze will get the Rustler,

A Silver level earns a Stunt Plane, with the Rustler.

Getting Gold in all the tests adds an Army Hunter Helicopter to the flight line.



Click Here

Click Here for another method

Recommended System Requirements by Rockstar:

Game pad with twin axis analog controls (USB or Joystick Port)


If responding to this post, PLEASE, Don’t Use ‘Quote’; Do use either Add-Reply or Fast-Reply buttons at bottom of page.

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lil weasel

You're Welcome.

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