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Help with a simple script


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I'm TRYING to learn how to script but having issues getting the hang of it. Would anyone be willing to show me an example of a simple script to bind a key to turn the headlights on/off so I don't have to use the trainer for it? A full CS example or even a point in the right direction would be appreciated smile.gif


Also, where are some good example scripts and resources for getting started with scripting? I have some awesome ideas I'd love to make happen!

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Here's a fairly extensive tutorial on C# scripting: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=401577


For more examples, get the .NET scripthook and look in the "Grand Theft Auto IV\scripts\for Developers" folder.


Here's how I would make the headlights script:


using System;using System.Windows.Forms;using GTA;public class ToggleHeadlights : Script {   // Initialization   public ToggleHeadlights() {       KeyDown += new GTA.KeyEventHandler(ToggleHeadlights_KeyDown);   }   // This runs when any key is pressed   public void ToggleHeadlights_KeyDown(object sender, GTA.KeyEventArgs e) {       // If the pressed key is F1 and player is in a vehicle       if (e.Key == Keys.F1 && Player.Character.isSittingInVehicle()) {           Vehicle v = Player.Character.CurrentVehicle;           if (v.LightsOn)               GTA.Native.Function.Call("FORCE_CAR_LIGHTS", v, 1); // force lights always off           else               GTA.Native.Function.Call("FORCE_CAR_LIGHTS", v, 2); // force lights always on       }   }}


I didn't test that, but it would probably work. Good luck! smile.gificon14.gif

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