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Adding Cars to EFLC Vehicels.img


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Any know how to add cars to the TLAD vehicels.img file as every time I try when using SparkIV 7.0 it tell me the car dosen't exist and that it can't add cars it can only overwrite existing cars.


I checked the vehicels img and the normal cars from GTAIV arn't listed and ITried adding them to the GTAIV vehicels.img then running the game but the cars remain the same as normal, yet cars i have moddd in GTAIV wwill spawn as there modded version.


So is there a way to add them to EFLC vehicels.img.

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Spark IV doesn't have the ability to add files in an archive. Use Open IV instead.

But next time post in the modding section for questions like this ok..

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Ok I would have posted there but as this is a troubleshoot ? I figured i'd post here instead.

I will try OpenIV. and see if i can get it to work.

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From above



Modding question/problem? Post in one of these forums

Illegally obtained copies are NOT supported. Discussion of cracks in any form is forbidden.


It doesn't leave much to be misunderstood, does it?

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