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Questions about different scripts


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Hey guys,


let me start of by saying that I have no coding knowledge at all. And although it mind sound a bit insolent regarding what follows in this topic, I have to add that I don't want to learn coding.

I hope you guys can still help me.


I am having some problems with several scripts of the game.


Simple Native Trainer: I'd like to change the number of ammo that you get when you spawn a weapon with the Simple Native Trainer. I looked at the config (ini) but there are no values for the ammunition you get when you spawn a weapon.


Equip Gun: I'd like the gun to be centered on the back and not just on the left shoulder. I played around with the coordinates written in the config with no success. In fact, the script crashes when I start the game.


Ambient Wars: After activating the mod, it crashes when trying to load the "Street Thugs". Deactivating the script solves the problem but that's not why I downloaded the mod tounge.gif


The topics for the mods are inactive and people that posted questions (a few months ago) did not get any answers.

That's why I am making this topic here (hope it's the right section).


Hope someone can help me out, especially with the first two scripts.


Thanks in advance!

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Well surely the simple trainer thread is still pretty active, in fact just a few days ago a new version has been released, that realease will let you set the number of bullets in game, weapons menu.

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Sorry for the double post but I still have a problem with the Equip Gun mod;


I just can't seem to get the script to show the weapon like it's holstered (attached to the upper right leg) and the weapons to be centered on the back. Help would be really appreciated!


Edit: No one knows how to edit the script so that the weapon is centered and that pistols and grenades are attached to the leg?

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