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Expansions won't start thanks to GFWL


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Im having the following problem.


A couple of hours ago i wanted to start playing Lost & Damned expansion. But it wouldnt start, every time i click on the play button in the menu GFWL toolbar pops up (with no message whatsoever). And thats it, i can't get the game to start (same with Ballad).

I've allready finished GTAIV (original) without having any problems wit GFWL (made an offline account).


So whats the problem, ive got the most recent version of GFWL and all my drivers/patches are up to date.


Please can anyone help me get the game started, i've allready spent an evenening trying to get it to work and am getting seriously annoyed with that worthless program called GFWL.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Did you buy the games yet(TBOGT and TLAD)?-they are NOT free and must be purchased to play-hence why they are called DLC(Downloadable Content).


If you have purchased them legit, what rendition do you have-the individual DLC OR the EFLC(DVD) copy? If using the DLC, then you may need to use Xliveless OR sign in to both accounts(RGSC and GFWL) to access the DLC.


Also, Are ALL your drivers up to date for your Video card, Sound card, DX, etc.?

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Yes i bought the games (the complete edition on 3 DVD's GTAIV and EFLC in one package).

I don't have an RGSC account cause as far as i know you don't need it and i don't want it. But never had any problems with it during gtaIV.


But thanks for your reply, naming EFLC solved it for me, you need to use another .exe from the game directory (LaunchEFLC.exe) this will initiate the activation procedure.

After this the game runs fine, to bad i didnt get a message of this when trying to start it through the main game menu. Would have saved me a lot of time and headache's


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