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Rex Rector

(XBL) Serious RPLife

Recommended Posts

Rex Rector

1.Don't randomly kill or spawn kill

2.DON'T start a buisness without tellling a Admin


4.DON'T META GAME (Meaning don't use info you know IRL to aid in-game)

5.Don't go looking for a fight(unless it has to do with a in-game conflict)

6.Don't mouth off to admins there there to help

7.When you die don't return to the same please you just where for 10 mins

8.When you die go to the hospital a admin will be waiting for you there

9.If you do die you will be charged,first death $250 2nd $500 3rd %25 or

$750 4th %75 or $1250 and your car 5th EVERY THING IS LOST(you died)

how ever, this can rule can change depending if you where randomly killed

10.ROLE PLAY! AND HAVE FUN! some people dont RP(roleplay) ie go shopping,

socialize, go on walks, just over all enjoy life (just do things you would do in

real life)

11.Have a home, i seen people try to avoid buying a home NOT IN MY

SERVER! you must own a home not 24/7 you can crash at someones but

don't be cheap.

13. please don't harm citizens it just isnt rp

12.EAT! the food system is still in flex, but it will be along the of,

You most eat a meal or so a day to survive, you can go 2 days without eating

but don't take that as eat every other no sir only a couple times will i let you

get away with that, BTW if you starve to death twice your reset you cheap c*nt!

13.dont rock out with your glock out(don't just swing that thing around 24/7)

So those are the basic rules, however there's more rules for the jobs

14.never lie to the LCPD if they search you, you must be honest (even if that

means you will loose a 2 billon dollars worth of coke)

15. if you get tied up or hand cuffed you cant run or fight back

16.No Crouch glitching with snipers or shottys

POLICE RULES (i highly recommend that you read the LCPD rules even if your not a cop)

1.Don't "commandeer" a NPC's vehicle

2.don't be lazy on taking people to jail you might have to walk them

3.every time you a arrest someone remember to "Say out loud" im handcuffing you, and list the fact that you searched them (they have to be honest so don't

worry that they will lie)

4.since i live in america the law is based off of american justice, easy to corrupt

(that means don't just f*cking shoot people)

5. if you are arresting someone and they own there own vehicle let them drive it to the station (they must follow the rules remember)


okay that about does it for the LCPD rules now on to the last of it

the cashier rules this are simple really

1.your only able to pocket money if a human owns the business you work at

2.you cant change the price's of sh*t inless someone owns the store

3.in the case of a robbery, stay calm never just let them shoot you and don't

be a hero, but when getting robbed at a store that no one owns remember

there taking your pay check (only give whats in the cash register, if you didnt sale anything that day they take how much you get payed a day) either way

you still loose a pay check(else they get cought)

Okay now for the prices.

Prices with a ST stand for stock(stock is what you pay at NPC owned buildings)

and SH stands for shipment(what you pay for if you have the licence and the store, shipments contain x5 btw)


ST Glock 22 $550

ST Desert Eagle .357 $850

ST .22 Scoped rifle $450

ST Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout $900

ST Micro Uzi $875

ST AK-47 $1500

ST Remington 11-87 $2000

ST M4A1 $2250

ST SW MP-10 $1800

ST PSG-1 $1250

SH Glock 22 $1750

SH Desert Eagle .357 $3000

SH .22 Scoped Rifle $1200

SH Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout $ 3650

SH Micro SMG $3400

SH AK-47 $ 6000

SH Remington 11-87 $7750

SH M4A1 $8950

SH SW MP-10 $6950

SH PSG-1 $4500


ST 9mm rounds 1 Clip $10

ST .357 1 clip $20

ST .22 1 clip $5

ST Buckshot 1 clip $35

ST 7.62 Rounds 1 clip $10

ST 5.56 nato round 1 clip $25

Black Market

SH Grenades x 15 $10000

SH RPG x5 $45000

UH-60 BlackHawk $75000

Police car $2500

Fire Truck $10000

SH x10 cocaine $10000 (grants you a extra life only able to you use twice

SH x5 PCP $12500 (grants you the power TO BRAKE THIS CUFFS)

SH x5 PAIN KILLERS! $15000 (grants you to brake a rule, in a gun fight you

can pick up a health pack)

SH x5 WEED! $200 (grants you the power to be a dib sh*t)

(to buy sh*t from here you need a chopper or a tug boat)^

Dining Food and NonAlcohoic-Beverages

(when ordering shipments x3 the average price on this category)

ST Pizza $25

ST Burger $5

ST Fries $2

ST Hot dog $2

ST Cho Mein $5


ST Egg Roll $2

ST cheesy bread sticks $5

ST Spagetti and MEATBALL $7

ST Pasta $3

ST Raviovlie $3

ST Fish and Chips $8

ST Smoked Salmon $9

ST Crab legs $7

ST Shrimp Poppers $4

ST T-Bone Steak $20

ST Lobster $20

ST Salad $10

ST Nicely Honey Smoked Ham $15

ST Burrito $5

ST Taco $5

ST Cheesy Quasada $7


ST Fried Chicken $10

ST Chicken Nuggets $3

ST Chicken Sandwich $2

ST Fish Sandwish $4

ST Pancakes $4

ST Toast bacon and eggs $6

ST Omlet $5

ST French Toast $5

ST Soda $2

ST Tea $3

ST Water $1

ST lemonade $ 2

ST Great Tasting ice water $5 (5 bucks wtf!)

ST Cheap mexican soda $1

ST Coffee $4

ST Shake $3

ST Rice pudding $2

ST Cookies $1

ST Ice Cream Cone $2

ST Fancy Chocolate cake $5

ST Churros $2

ST Slice of Pie $2

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES! x3 for SH(illegal to drive if you drunk more then one in a day)

ST Budweiser $2

ST Souka $4

ST Box Wine $3

ST Rum $5

ST Fancy (as the queen of england) wine $25

ST 40 oz. MALT LIQUOR $5

ST Bud Light with lime $3

ST Guiness $ 4

ST PIB Weiser $1

ST Four Loko $7 ( you don't need to sleep )

ST Jack Daniels $7

ST Vodka $15 (vodka is the only drink you can make the molotaiv out of)

ST Gen $5

ST tequilla $15 ( You don't need to sleep unless you drink 2 then your f*cked)

CARS!!! x2 for SH but only get 3 per SH

Spawn Cars will be listed non-spawners will be added soon

pony $1200

Burrito $1000

Low Rider $1500

Junker $500 must be fixed up by mechinic min time 2 days

BMW $2500

Moving Van $2000

Semi Truck $5000

Sulton RS $7000limited stock

BoxVilleTaco Cart $750 must have a food perment tho and must be

fixed up by mechinic max time 1 day min time 2 hours

Turismo $7500

NRG 900 $3500

habanero $1750

sabra $1500

Sabra junker $250 must be fixed

esperado $1500

Marbelle $1250

Rancher $1750

Bently $5000


Moded Cavalade $5000

Moded Contender $2000

Moded feroci $1700

Moded Futo $1500

Moded Intruder $2750

Moded PMP 600 $4500

Moded Sultan $3750

HOUSING! (required)


niko's $1500

gun shop house $400

Behind niko's $3000

Back room in the sex shop $750

a room on the boat $600

meadows park home $2500

playboys crackhouse's free BUT ONLY IF YOUR BROKE AS sh*t!


Pimp palace $1000

playboys $7500

Dwaynes $1000

near dwaynes$450

gun shop house $500


niko's $ 3000

strip club house $250

gracies holding cell $450


Strip club room $250

niko's $1750



Diner $ 1500

Russian Shop $1500

Porno palace $1000

Roman's Taxi Depot $750

Russian Club $5000

laundry mat(pizza shop or what ever)$ 1200

internet cafe $2000

Burger Shot & Memory Lanes $3500

gun shop $1500

boat $ 10000

1 stop fix and oil gas station $2500

Jacobs Bar $1000

Cluck & bell $2000

burger shot $1750

Bar $2000

2nd laundry mat $ 1000

parking lot great for taco cart $300 (outside the russian club)

Airport $50000


heliport $20000

Law Ferm $7500

The university $10000

Pier 21 outdoor dining $2000

gun shop $2000

Burger shot $2500

Clucking Bell $3500

burger shot and memory lanes $3000

Persus $2000

Super Star Cafe $3500

Super star cafe 2 $2000

Museum $4000

Majestic $30000 (free heli to)

burger shot 2 $2000

Modo $1500

Bar $1700


Strip club $2000

Gun Shop $1000

Mr.Fuks Rice Box $2500

burger shot $1000


Burger Shot $1500

burger shot $1000

Strip club $2000

Spunk warehouse $1700

Factory $3000

Muscle mary's $1500


T.V $200

Laptop $500

Desktop $300

sh*tty Cell phone $20

Smart Phone $200

Reg. Phone $50

internet every 3 days $30

Phone service sh*tty $10 3 day

Smart phone $80 3 days

Reg phone $25 3 days

fridge $450

Stove $450

Microwave $100

Ipod $250

car radio $150(must be installed by mechanic)


1.Don't kill

2.don't speed faster then a NPC

3.Don't run red lights


5.no drinking and driving

6.if you are cought without a lisense in the act of the crime you will be fined $500 EXAMPLE your driving without a lisense

7.No public display of weapons

8.no theft

9.no public intoxication

10. no public displays of anger or violence

11. and pretty much every thing the us law book


Gun lisense $500

Consealed weapons lisense $750

Weapon Distrabution lisense $1200

Food distabution lisense $150

Fishing Lisense $1000

Business lisense $200

alcohol distrabution lisense $400

Edited by Rex Rector

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Rex Rector

Just to clarify, Gangster and what is not a profession, you can do it on the side. Breaking the law is free to do for every one. as for the jobs if you notice none are listed, it's because there are very many and you can own business's.

However there is starter jobs Like Cop, Pawn Shop worker (Russian shop), Pizza stop worker, diner cashier, Grocery store clerk

(internet cafe) ETC.

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Doc Rikowski

Have a read at the forum guidelines please:



The opening post is a bit of a mess and not very clear.

Try to post some dates, an intro text and make the rules a bit more clear.


A Mod already binned your topic once.

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