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Pick up Girlfriends/Friends with Helicopter?


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When I meet a friend and he's waiting outside, I don't have to land in the Icon (arrow thing). He'll just get in if I'm close enough. With Carmen and Kate, I have to land in the Icon to make them come out but things are blocking me from getting close enough. If i get out and walk to the Icon, my helicopter disappears. Is this normal? Can i pick up girlfriends with a helicopter? I'm playing on PC btw.

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I've gotten Kiki before, but never Carmen so I don't know about her. That other chick in Algonquin ( can't remember her name right now)you can't get either. I've gotten close enough to pick her up, but after the cutscene, it puts the helicopter in the alley and the blades break off pretty quick.

I just landed near Kiki and she got in like the other friends, not sure about Carmen though. Never even tried with her. I always hated her anyway.

It is funny what they say when you pick them up in the helicopter though.

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I've had the exact same problem picking up girlfriends with the helicopter so you are not alone.

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