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Why did they changed the car for Infernus???


I mean i know that lambo is faster then NSX but the Infernus from GTA:SA was much better.


I would love that they bring the acura NSX as Infernus again..


What do you think guys?? What do you like more?

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Puto Bendejo

I have always wondered why they switched them myself. thanks for voicing what I didn't have the guts or brains to say! I would assume the answers can only come from R* programmers and designers, and I'm NOT holding my breath for that to happen. I was very happy when the (lamborghini) finally had doors that opened up instead of out, though. and adding to that thought, the physics of solid doors themselves are a relief in reality. (remember in SA you could run/walk right through them as if they didn't exist. same with broken/knocked over street signs/poles) back to topic, though, I'd still like to know why the switch between the infernus and turismo?

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My guess would be that the Lambo is more common to see than an NSX, especially in New York. I think it would have made sense to leave the Infernus an NSX and made a different car to model after the Lamborghini. Just my 2 cents...

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The 2000's Pegassi Infernus model design is really the true design of the Infernus. The 1990's Infernus was not. They changed the design of the car in the 90's, and I never was a fan of the 90's Infernus. It wasnt a true Infernus, I never desired that car. Grotti had the best sport cars during the 90's and the Infernus had gotten left in the dirt by Grotti. Pegassi redesigning Infernus and taking it back to its roots was the best thing that ever happened to the Infernus. Pegassi needs to stay far away from that sh*t they were doing in the 90's. 70's, 80's and 2000's Infernus >>>>> 90's Infernus.


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I dont know about you, but, to me NSX was how to say, good looking sport car, and the sound was soo good i drived it for hours on SA streets just to lisen at that sound.


Now when i drive the Infernus of GTA4 i always want it to sound and look like NSX, but it doesent. Memories come back always looking for that old Infernus


About NYC its true, japan sports car are not often seen in NYC ( imports )


I just wanted to say that to me...the Infernus from SA is the real infernus, but ok, i like also the lambo from GTA4.


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SA Infernus was good, but raiding the same thing in IV would be kinda boaring.

I would personally choose a Lambo for represent Infernus in any GTA.

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