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I get in the car with Roman...No dialogue...I figured, okay, probably just a passing bug. But no, I reach the checkpoint, where Roman's supposed to say that he's giving Niko his old phone, there is no dialogue to be heard. The characters' mouths are moving, but no words are heard!


It gets better though.


When Roman is supposed to call on the phone, I press enter to accept, but Niko just takes the phone out, and then puts the phone away, this is accompanied by an annoying static sound, and it wont let me progress the mission any further unless Niko will accept the call...What the crap is happening?



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Are you using any cracks??

From his last topic, he said he had the Steam version, so there would be no need for a No-DVD crack.


But as far as Sound issues, that is a Sound card related issue. Are your Sound card drivers up to date? What OS do you have? If XP or Windows 7 with Beats Audio sound, try Lowering the Sound Accelleration option under the DXDIAG page-click the Sound Tab(XP) OR for 7, go to the task bar(area near the clock) and right click on the Sound card icon and click the option for "sound manager"-or along those lines. If Vista, this option won't work, as the Sound Acceleration option was disabled on Vista, as seen here, and here.

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If you have a separate sound card, try disabling it and use the one on the motherboard, GTAIV is known to have a lot of problems with sound cards (among piles of other sh*t).

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