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Vice City Memories


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What are you favourite memories of Vice City?


One of mine is when I first got the game, and walking into the Ocean Beach hotel and hearing that mexicans music, I was blown away.


And also I was on the Cab missions, got to about 60 fares and going for 100, when I ran over an old lady, who dropped a sh*t load of cash, I got out to get it, not knowing that if you left the cab you would loose all your fares, I was pissed!


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Arsen Vitiuk

I got the game in October 2009


My first impression when I played the game was undescribable. The moment I got on a Faggio near Ken's office, hearing Toto's 'Africa' on Emotion 98.3, then riding to the hotel to save for the first time..


After that doing some first missions and struggling to complete all side stuff possible before progressing further in the story... Those first 7 days were unforgettable for me.

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-__- Pablo

I got it when I was like 11. I installed it. Started it and instantly fell in love with it on the first cutscene.

Then I saw the Admiral (cool, a Mercedes!), and the Faggio ♥ I was like "Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet there's bikes!!". So I got into the Admiral and the game froze suicidal.gif . I thought "okay, I'll wait" and turned on the tv. I watched the second half of Spaceballs (great movie btw) and went back to my pc, still frozen. I rebooted it, started the game again, got onto the faggio and it worked fine. I could play the game fine after that, it froze occasionaly cause it was an old PC. But I really loved how the Infernus appeared in the first area of the city. The Jeep and the Beef Injection (haven't seen one before) where so cool, I was really surprised when I saw them. Also, my dad walked by and said "hey, that's Michael Jackson!" and in fact, it was Billie Jean playing!!! My mom also loved it when she heard the Laura Branigan song. I instantly fell in love with the 80s music, still am.

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For me, it was how cinematic the game felt that made it so memorable. It was cool how they jumped from Liberty City to Vice City during the intro and even more so when you see the exchange play out the way it did with the ambush screwing things up for Tommy and the Forellis. I was introduced to Vice City through a friend before picking it up for myself. Back then, a sequel never crossed my mind when playing GTA III so you can see how easily the game took me by surprise.

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For me, I had to fight again with my parents to get GTA Vice City. They said "It is totally violent." I ignored them and bought. When I started to play it, I fall in love with it. I don't even remember to call phone to my girlfriend every night. So, we broke. smile.gif

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For me it was just the general atmosphere the game gave once you started playing, the colors, the characters and the music was a definite mind-blower for me. The first cut scenes made it for me, actually having a character that could talk and the colorful tone as compared the III's grey scale.


I still play it to this day, I've got it in my PS2 right now haha. But I'll always play the Old Era series, I love them compared to the new IV era. biggrin.gif

"I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings."


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