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Clem Fandango
On 5/26/2019 at 11:16 PM, etthell said:

Once again: when show is too long , and hype is too big the final season is just difficult to watch. Got this with Lost and Prison Break, and even Breaking Bad in some way followed this rule (but overall BB was best).

The Sopranos was 6 seasons, Buffy was 7 seasons, Sex and the City was 6 seasons, all of those had satisfying endings. The issue is just bad writing and it's especially obvious with literally everyone but the writers bringing their A-game.

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The show also needs to be an appropriate length so as to tell the story it is attempting to adapt to the medium satisfactorily. Even examining this sh*t show strictly in the context of the show itself, it's pretty clear that they would have benefited from more time at the tail end to bring things together.


Further, Prison Break is kind of an absurd comparison. It's a show that had told the story it had intended to, then kept going on beyond that due to popularity. Just doesn't work here.

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I was emotionally satisfied with where all the characters ended up going, I think most of their fates made a lot of sense, but there was just a general lack of closure because it was such a rush to get there. I felt the lack of dialogue/script the most. I have no idea why they insisted on squashing it down so much. If it's just because they wanted to "explain" more with the prequels/spin-offs, it'll only make the end of this series look worse. 


Regardless I can't trash it too much, because I've loved watching this show throughout the years and it's only made me more eager for GRRM to get these final books out. The actors did what they could with the characters they were given and the production and cinematography has been amazing. I teared up a little watching some clips from that making of documentary that aired because you can feel how much heart the cast and crew put into making the show, only to be let down by the dudes who are now going to be doing Star Wars stuff.



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The Odyssey

Lol that script reading was hard to watch, the actors/crew didn't seem enthralled by it at all.


Honestly this entire season reminds me of a bad fever dream. I wanted to stop watching after episode 3 but I kept coming back, being more let down each time. The drop in the quality of writing feels like an actual joke and I'm not surprised Brans actor thought the ending was a joke. 

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I have marathons watching this.


The last time I watched, I was feeling an all time low that it was coming to an end with its unanswered questions.


But a great blockbuster, available on Sky Atlantic.


Jon Snow, what a legend!

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