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The most annoying glitch in gta!


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Sometimes,GTA can be really frustrating.That's mainly because of GLITCHES!

Some of them are funny....some of them are very annoying!


So...whats your most frustrating glitch from ANY gta game!



Mine is the freeze slow-mo camera in Gta Vice City.




P.S:Sorry for my bad english....


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theres this 1 thing in GTA IV that annoys me, you know that sky lift thing? sometimes it allows me to use it and sometimes it doesnt.

most of the time it doesnt.. its very strange. i think iv only managed to get actually get in it and use it once.

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disappearance of cars anytime is annoying as f*ck

also cars appearing infront of you when you look behind.

disapearance of buildings sometimes, thats annoying.

and while im climbing a fence, the police points a gun at me and i teleport back to the cops side of the fence, even though iv allready cleared the fence. thats 1 of the most annoying things.

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I don't think the disappearing of cars is a glitch. It's done to save memory so that only a limited number of cars have to be loaded. Of course, if you guys are talking about something other than this, then pardon me.

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