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[SnP] Destroy Targets


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Mission: Destroy Targets

Link: http://gtasnp.com/26104


If someone please could do this mission, I'm gettin' really pissed, because I can do it, but not fast enough. >_>

(always above 105 seconds, best time is 107, so i'm giving up^^)



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I'll do it.

Dead (Retired)

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Thanks dude^^


I bet this is the most requested mission, together with the zero ones =P


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Not really. Freefall & N.O.E are also over-requested. Same goes with the Driving School and Vertical Bird. viddy_pirate.gif


For: PrettyCoolGuy

Missions: Learning To Fly - Destroy Targets

Helper: miromiro

Link: <Click Here>

Reward: Respect +

Status: Completed.


Completed the Flying School test "Destroy Targets" with Gold.

Updated the previous Flying School tests to Gold, so you got some more Flying Skill.

The "Loop-the-Loop" test is unlocked.

Your Flying Skill has improved at about 40%.

Picked up an armor for you.

I suggest you doing the Driving School.

Zero's missions should also be finished.

Saved at Verdant Meadows.


Enjoy the rest of the game! smile.gif


Passing this mission requires to know how to fly planes.

Here are two links that could help you understand how to fly by keyboard.

Recommended System Requirements - by Rockstar:

Game pad with twin axis analog controls (USB or Joystick Port).


Oh, and here is a little table, made by lil weasel, modified a little by me, that shows you all timed trials and awards. icon14.gif



< 45 secs
< 37.5 secs
< 30 secs
Land Plane
< 40 secs
< 32.5 secs
< 25 secs
Circle Airstrip
< 75 secs
< 67.5 secs
< 60 secs
Circle Airstrip and Land
< 95 secs
< 87.5 secs
< 80 secs
Helicopter Takeoff
< 60 secs
< 52.5 secs
< 45 secs
Land Helicopter
< 45 secs
< 37.5 secs
< 30 secs
Destroy Targets
< 105 secs
< 92.5 secs
< 80 secs
Loop the Loop
< 27 secs
< 24 secs
< 21 secs
Barrel Roll
< 23 secs
< 20.5 secs
< 18 secs
Parachute onto Target
< 70 secs
< 62.5 secs
< 55 secs


Completing the Flying School with Bronze gives you a Hustler.

Completing the Flying School with Silver gives you a Hustler & a Stuntplane.

Completing the Flying School with Gold gives you a Hustler, Stuntplane & Hunter.

Here's a good video of Learning To Fly which will help you quite a lot!




Hope this helps understanding what you missed!

Dead (Retired)

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