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Hey guys,

I was planning buy an HDTV with a screen size between 50"-55". Now,I'd like you to know that my knowledge about LED, LCD and Plasma are next to nothing. Checking the internet, I find that Plasma uses a lot more power while the LED uses the least. If you guys can tell me any other major differences, I would greatly appreciate it.


If you have a specific model in mind, please feel free to post it. Just make sure they are internationally renown brands like Samsung, Sony, LG etc so that the model will be available in my country.(Kuwait atm)

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Well, I prefer plasma displays due to their better viewing angles and richer and deeper colours than that of an LCD and I'm pretty sure you can't get LCD displays over 46 inches but I may be wrong. One thing to be careful if you own a plasma is burn-in (although I find this impossible to achieve myself) and the reflective surface can be annoying if there's a lot of sunlight coming into the room.


I would tell you about LED televisions but I don't have any experience with them.


Edit: I own the Samsung PN50C550. I paid around £700 for it which is great value for money considering if you use the "currency divided by inch" method of working out value. tounge2.gif

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Fozzy Fozborne

okei Is correct in saying that plasmas have better blacks and viewing angles but is incorrect in saying that you cannot get LCDs over 46 inches. You can certainly get a 55" LCD TV. The biggest LCD I've seen in a store is 65".


Modern plasmas and LCDs are extremely difficult to burn in and most have a simple tool that will remove it. Burn-in is when you have a static picture on your screen, such as the station's logo, which remains on-screen after it should have gone away. This can also happen if you pause a DVD/Blu Ray for a long period of time.


LED-LCD TVs are the newest. They are extremely thin, power efficient, and colorful. They come in two flavors: edge-lit and local dimming. These guys are expensive compared to regular LCD TVs but they do offer deeper blacks.


There is no such thing as an LED TV available on the market. The LEDs provide the backlight on LED-LCD TVs whereas older LCD TVs relied on CCFL bulbs.


A great, easy-to-understand guide can be found here. It has great information that will surely help you.


I find these specs the best for me:

Regular LCD

60 Hz (120+ Hz looks like it's overly smooth and doesn't feel natural)

1080p (Definitely looks better than 720. Even on my 40" TV I can tell)



Don't forget about HDMI inputs. Depending on how many things you're going to connect, you could need a lot of them.

Do not overpay for HDMI cables. Check this out before you go to buy one.


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nah man 240 hz is awesome basically juss better refresh rate but u gotta shut of tha motion-smootb plus or whatever dey call it 4 ur tv because it xly interpolates frames an make it look 2 smooth makes movies look like sh*tty f*ckin soao opras


2 me i think tha best root is led lcd tv - plasma look gud in liek a hone theatre setup but tha lcd really shines in everydAy use and videogames etc and sh*t


refresh rate dont matter on a plasma tho so ignore whatever they say in store Bout it 'oh its like 600 herz or whatever' f*ckin losers basically just means u dont gotta worry bout ghosting or whatever


neway cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif 2 u 4 gettin a new tv jus remember dat whate er u get its gonna look gud in your room and you wont have anyting else in dere to compare it to if that makes any sense at all


also yeah the light issue if you get a reflective monitor make sire dat ypu dont hqve a lot of lite in the room wit u or itll piss you off devil.gifcry.gifdevil.gifdevil.gif

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Finn 7 five 11

I now have a samsung Plasma, it uses more energy than an LCD or LED, but it has far better colour (theoretically hundreds of times better) than an LCD/LED of similar price.

Burn-In is not a problem, i have my tv on the highest settings and no burn in, even with screen burn protection off, i turn it on anyway, if you leave a static image for ages a screensaver will come on anyway.

My plasma doesn't produce much heat at all, it is comparable to LCD/LED

It is actually thinner than some LCD's.

Plasmas in general even if they have the same refresh rates handle fast motion better than an LCD/LED.


I am Pro-Plasma i will admit but here are the downsides.

Cons - Glare (unless you have a glare filter)

- More energy

- sizes only 42inch and up.



Beware of LED, sometimes it is a gimmick, They are supposed to have better colour than LCD, but not always but will cost more.


My personal advice go to the store and find the one that looks the best, ignore all the the price/brand/if it is LCD/LED/Plasma

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I rly doubt that plasmas can be as thin as tru lcd led screens

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Thanks for the input, guys. I'll check out that guide Fozzy mentioned and report back.(hopefully with a decision)

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Well I've come up with some TVs.


1. Sony KDL-55HX800

This comes with a Home theater system(DAV-DZ610). Price is $4,000.


2. Sony KDL-52EX700

This one comes with a Blue Ray Player(BDP-S370).

Price is $2,630.


3. Samsung UA55C6900

Price is $4,320. And yes, it only has a TV mercie_blink.gif .


Now, I gave the prices for purely comparison purposes. I know they will a cost a lot less in the US but I have to do with these prices.


The only thing I can't understand is the 3rd TV. How can just a single TV cost so much more than its Sony counterpart? Is it worth the price?


I'm mostly going to buy the first one. But if the third one is worth the money, I'll go for that one.



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dat 1st sony looks like it's not tru LED meanin u get a tube backlight for the center of the image... id avoid that. u can be certain in person if you look at the back of dat screen and see a raised bar across the center (plus it's 3" thick compared to da samsung which is less than haff dat)


im a big samsung fan. so take that with a grain of salt. all of them look like good tvs howere i suggest u patrol some of the local department stores looking 4 discontinued models u never kno what u can find colgate.gifcolgate.gifcolgate.gif






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Finn 7 five 11
I rly doubt that plasmas can be as thin as tru lcd led screens

AH,sorry i posted that wrong.


this is what it was meant to be

"My plasma produces little heat comparable to LCD/LED, it is also very thin, thinner than some LCD's.


Sorry for the confusion.

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