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GTA Liberty San IV problem


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Hi guys! wink.gif

today i need your's help.I have a problem with GTA Liberty San iv when i want play san iv on loading screen i always got don't send can you help me guy's?? plz smile.gif

sorry for my bad english..sad.gif

and i don't now where to post problem's like this so i post my problem here ok waiting for answers,help

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Liberty San IV is f*ckin' stolen "pirate" mod! Download SALC beta 5 (because you can't install many mods on beta 6) and mod it for scripts, Niko, Niko's apartment, peds and cars. I can send you all. And you can find many SA-IV mods on VolGTA, if you know Russian. And move LSIV - that pirate sh*t from your hard disk - that's my advice.

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just use the beta 6 and dont use the apartment just use the retuxred and the weather but dont use the cars there will be bug


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