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The Red Green Show, SA style


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...a mission pack.


Just like the main GTA SA storyline, you will be playing as CJ. This will convert all episodes of the PBS hit's 2000 season into a DYOM mission pack (all except for the Christmas episode). Only the main parts of the episodes will be converted, so no Handyman Corners, word games etc. But you do get to see some things you never see on the episodes. In this pack watch interesting happens, for example Sweet looks for a new wife, Cesar attempts not to cross his wife, an Italian spy visits the Johnson House, 500 Mexicans come visit Grove Street, a visit to Cesar's new cow farm, CJ orders a Barracks kit, Cesar and his Varrios Los Aztecas appear on a Double Dare-esque game show and in the storyline finale, the Grove Street Families actually does run out of crack while trying to participate in a triathlon with the Varrios Los Aztecas and against the Ballas and Vagos. There are so many missions we can't fit it into one storyline. So there are three storylines actually:


PART 1 Total: 5 missions


Hot Dog Cookoff- The GSF enters a hot dog making contest.

The Italian Spy- An Italian spy spends the weekend at the Johnson House.

We're Getting Dumped- The GSF offers up Los Santos to Vice City's trash.

Sweet's Wedding- Sweet plans a wedding, but has no wife.

Gang Member of the Year- Grove Street has a candidate for a "Gang Member of the Year."



PART 2 Total: 7 missions


Survival- CJ locks himself in the Johnson House to avoid an acid rain cloud.

Historic Place- CJ and Mike Toreno try to put the Johnson House in the National Register of Historic Places.

Exchange People- Grove Street twins with Baja San Andreas to increase tourism.

Blue Moon- The GSF reminisce as they watch a blue moon.

Weekend Trade- Cesar looses out when the gang trades some items for the weekend.

From the Wild- CJ and Dale set a trap for an animal lurking in Red County.

Cheap Barracks- CJ orders a Barracks in kit form.



PART 3 Total: 6 missions


Merry DNA- Everyone tries to prove CJ's related to a recently deceased rich Triad member.

Gang Dual Dare- Cesar and the Varrios Los Aztecas appear on a parody of this show.

It Hurts to be OG- CJ steals a Dodo and flys it into the Blastin' Fools Records building in an attempt to kill OG Loc.

Armpits Foundation- Grove Street allies with a charity to get more money for weapons.

Old Cesar had a Motherf***ing Cow- CJ and Cesar try to milk cows.

No Crack- The gang panics when they run out of crack.


Characters coming soon. I plan to start the missions tomorrow. In the meantime, comment.

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I am going to stop working on this since no one likes it.

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And like pauliux2 says, you don't put here any mission. We don't have anything to comment.

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I am going to stop working on this since no one likes it.

You're hilarious, man.

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