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Hi people!

Recently ive been getting really annoyed at the advertisements on Youtube, Google, etc...

when i look up for example reviews of a tv show then, a few clicks latter im getting advertisements

all about whatever I look up angry.gif ,well anyways I deside to go to control panel and block

doubleclick.net, and fastclick.net and im still getting annoying advertisements from those sites suicidal.gif .

im getting very annoyed by having advertisements about what I just looked up all the time, so

does anyone know how to block or get rid of them confused.gif ?

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Without ads these site wouldn't exist so they must be in there.

Or use adblock plus for firefox!

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Not all ads are coming from doubleclick or fastclick and even then some times the ads themselves are stored on the site that you're on. The only thing setting a block on doubleclick (and others) does is block the site directly.

AdBlock looks for a set of characters in the url that's in the HTML and blocks that.

I've been using FF and AdBlock for so long that I'm usually surprised and annoyingly reminded that YT has ads in the videos when I use any other broswer.

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