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Secrets of a Serial Killer


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First off, I am not completely sure, how I will put the entire thing together. But this missionpack is using main ideas from a TV Show on Showtime called "Dexter". I only really use 15% of the story from the actual show and I have to make it more enjoyable for DYOM. A lot of the smaller sub stories are made up. I only really use the main concept of "Dexter" I have also changed the characters names for this mission pack to prevent spoilers incase anyone checks out the TV Series


I present you:







Brief Story: You play as Michael Morgan, a San Andreas Detective who investigates homicide cases for the Police. However Michael has a secret: He is a serial killer. He keeps a code of honor to kill other serial killers and those who deserve to die. Gameplay consist of investigations,shootouts,stealth, and discovering your past with flashbacks.



Major Characters:



Michael Morgan- The main and playable character. One of the best detectives at solving murder mysteries. Lives a secret life as a Serial Killer and tries to do his best from keeping that unsolved.


Michelle Morgan- Michael's sister. She has a bad mouth and quick to judge, but nothing stops her from getting higher ranked and following her father's footsteps.


Gerald Morgan- Michael and Michelles' Father. An old retired police officer who wants his kids to follow the same path. The problems with his son made things worse for him.


Miguel Hernandez- Michael's Best Friend. He is the only one who tries to understand Michael. He is also a detective.




Chapter 1: San Andreas Investigation Squad

1. I am Michael Morgan- Introduction

2. Ice Cream and Blood- COMING SOON

3. Following the Code- COMING SOON










For those who want to know more about the TV series "Dexter" Here is some video clips to get people familiar what this is about:


Opening Theme:











Leave Comments if you guys think whether this missionpack might work or not.





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I never watched the TV show. I'll try it. Good to see your new mission pack biggrin.gif


EDIT: Pretty cool mission. I liked the ''kill room''. biggrin.gif Good job.

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yea I tried to make the "Kill room" look similar to the show, but there are hardly any objects that can go well, instead of plastic wrap i had to use the glass, and there is no syringe.



The purple text is Michael's thoughts. The kill room will have a similar feel in future missions, except it in different locations, and there will be different "blade" weapons to choose from in future missions.



Glad you liked it.

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Alright, I will give it a try! cool.gif

I also never watched the show, but that is simply because it isn't here in the netherlands confused.gif (stupid dutch TV shows tounge.gif )


Edit: Cool mission, I love the time diffrents. icon14.gif

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  • 3 months later...

I will check it out i'll edit this post when i finish


EDIT: Nice mission, loved the kill room scenes... nice work icon14.gif

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Arggg sad.gif lol I did not expect you to bump it though. tounge.gif.



Im not really positive whether I will continue it, its only a thought at this moment.



There is a bug in the first mission, make sure you kill all the enemies in the first section.



I replayed my mission to find that bug. Ahh I will have to think about this one clearly before working on it.


(The bug is the enemies from the warehouse are not hidden)

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