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Rockstar North worked on L.A. Noire


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Since Rockstar North is the lead GTA studio we like to know what they're doing while we wait for a GTA announcement. Here's one more thing:


L.A. Noire Preview


Well Rockstar is a couple-of-thousand-people type of organization, so when we did things like motion capture, they brought a lot of tech to clean it up because we had more than probably any other game ever made, including GTA4 and things like that. That stuff ended up being a phenomenal amount of work, and we had animators from Rockstar North come out here and churn through that stuff with our guys here. We had a key gameplay group from Rockstar North that came and helped us out with tweaking things like cameras, basic controls, and all that kind of stuff -- just make it feel as smooth and comfortable on a lot of really basic levels. Team Bondi made the game and we designed it. People have been at it for this long, so... [Laughs] We absolutely appreciate the help, and we think it's made the game a much better game, but we're pretty proud of what we did as well.


Thanks to Rockstar North, GTA fans can play L.A. Noire and the camera and controls will look and feel the way we expect, and animation will have the polish we're used to.

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So what's this got to do with V? Could have put it in the L.A noire topic in general gaming talk.

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