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GTA IV Steam Custom Save game with Multiplayer?


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I recently lost my GTA IV disc, and on my trek to become disc-free, I bought the game on steam. I have the game running, but I want to load my old save game into my new one. I downloaded the appropriate file online, and put it in the saves file at /appdata/roaming/Rockstar/Gta iv/savegames, but the game wont load it. It gives me a Check Hard Drive error or something. My hard drive is running low on space, but Ive still got 20GB left on the C drive, where the save and root directory are. Ive found out that I need xliveless to play the game, but I wont be able to play Multiplayer, which is half the game for me. Is there any way I can load a custom save game without sacrificing multiplayer?

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Nope. Currently, there is no known way to play MP on a custom/downloaded save.


If you want MP, just start a new game (without Xliveless). Complete the second mission 'It's Your Call' to obtain the cellphone and save the game. Now, you can access MP with this savegame.

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Would I be able to have xliveless, load the custom save, remove xliveless to play MP, and put it back in to load the save to play SP? Lots of work, but I dont care.

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