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Data transfer error


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A few minutes ago,I wanted to install a game that I haven't played in a long time.At some point,the installation disrupted and a window popped up with data transfer error message.

It could be because of f*cked up DVD-ROM or f*cked up disc.

About 2 weeks ago,my uncle came to visit with his kids.The kids started playing San Andreas on my laptop and played all day long and because I was getting drunk at the kitchen,I didn't pay no heed to what they wre doing.

Well they didn't f*ck up my laptop fatally because it is still running and stuff.But today as I wanted to install a game and prepared to insert a disc into DVD-ROM drive,I noticed some small orange-colored string-like paper sticking out from the drive.It sure as hell ain't no candy paper,it seems to be part of the drive,because I can't pull it out.I never noticed that orange string-like stuff before.

Data transfer error could be caused by this and also be caused by game disc because I have kept it outside the box in unlikely places.

But I'm not sure, what exactly caused the installation error? And what is this orange string-like stuff in the DVD-ROM?


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