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Just want to play single player


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I've just bought this game, installed all the patches manually. Now all I want to do is play the single player, but when the log into the Social Club screen pops up I noticed that I dont need to have an account to play the single player and yet when I press to play offline it says I need to be logged into the Social Club...WTF!!! So i create an account and log into the Social Club, and press play and nothing happens.


I have windows 7, I7 930, ati rad 5830hd and plenty of memory. i dont want to play multiplayer or have a windows live account. Just want to play single player that is it.


Is this game a non windows 7 friendly?? If it isnt then its going back...


The reason why i just want sp cos I play it on my laptop (alienware) and I'm not always online. So if this game is internet required to play sp which is completely ridiculas, then its going back.

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I think 'xliveless' sorts this problem but as I do not use it I know very little about it


One of the tech guys will help you with this - give it a bit of time for them to advise

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Its games for windows live thats causeing your issue you half to have a offline account in order to play offline the game is a copy paste 360 port so you got issue #1/56897.

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Sometimes, this issue is caused due to not updating GFWL. So, I suggest you try updating GFWL first.

Link - http://www.rockstargames.com/support/IV/PC/GFWLupdate/


If it still doesn't work, then try Xliveless. Just copy the xlive.dll file to your GTA IV folder and you're set.


Tip: You can get rid of the Social Club login screen by removing the 'paul.dll' file from the GTA IV folder.

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thanks for the replies, I downloaded the xliveless .999b and it works a treat. Just feel sad that I had to find a hack to make it work, thats terrible workmanship.


Anyways thanks alot for the advise smile.gif

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hi guys, i downloaded gta 4 for my pc off steam. when i first installed it, the game worked fine up untill i wanted to save my progress... i have 2 windows live accounts and yet neither of them will let me log in to allow me to save my progress. its been like this ever since black friday when i downloaded it.


now i have another problem. i asked in another forum about this and was told to install the latest patch (i think its called. correct me if im wrong). i did that and nothing changed. i then found out that apparentally steam installs the latest patch when it installs the game, which lead to many people saying to install the patch ( i think its called). i have done this and it now when i go to start GTA 4, the rockstar social club sign in window pops up and if i try to sign into the social club the window freezes for a minute or so and then comes back saying that it failed to sign in. i have been able to sign into the social club in the past but now i cannot. and also if i click the icon that says 'play offline', the window dissapeers, computer starts to wind up like its starting the game, and then the window pops up again. i also tried the XLiveLess patch that somebody mentioned but i couldnt find the game files to install it. since i bought this game through steam i have no idea where the game files are and have had no succsess looking myself. i also have gta 4 episodes from liberty city on steam but havent installed it yet because i want to deal with this first. will i come across the same problems with episodes from liberty city? or will it be fine as long as i fix gta 4? im fairly new to pc gaming so any help would be greatly appreciated.


look forward to hearing your ideas and or solutions to my problem. thanks in advance smile.gif

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