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Prone animation


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I downloaded a prone animation, but it replaces the crouch fire/load from an assault rifle. I want to make a cleo mod that the prone animation doesn't replace the crouch animation. This script should make you crouch if you press ctrl:



{$CLEO .cs}//-------------MAIN---------------thread 'PRONE' :PRONE_11wait 0 if   Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)else_jump @PRONE_11 04ED: load_animation "PRONE_HUSEfire":PRONE_31wait 0 if and0AB0:   key_pressed 17   not Actor.Driving($PLAYER_ACTOR) jf @PRONE_31if0965:   actor $PLAYER_ACTOR swimming 0818:   actor $PLAYER_ACTOR in_airjf @PRONE_32jump @PRONE_31:PRONE_31wait 0088A: actor $PLAYER_ACTOR perform_animation "PRONE_HUSEfire" IFP_file "PRONE" 8.0 loopA 0 lockX 0 lockY 0 lockF 1 limT -1 unknown 0 unknown 1:PRONE_32wait 0if



I have a few problems:

1. How to make the player shoot (but not move)?

2. How to start a reloading animation when the player is reloading (I didn't found useful opcodes)?


I looked at the bear topic, but I didn't found anything about reloading.

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