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Trouble with Crips 2011 Mod


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Right I've installed SA onto my netbook (which doesnt have a CD drive) so i copied CD's onto a HD and installed that way. I then downloaded a NO CD crack that works fine.


Im trying to install the Crips 2011 Mod to change almost everything, Ive downloaded an copied to the correct GTA folder, but when i go to run the game i get d3dx9_26.dll file not found.


So i downloaded that from dll.com an put in root directory. But now when i try and play nothing happens.


Any help would be great i cant seem to find anything anywhere.


Is it because i havent got a CD in the drive and im using a crack? im going to install it on my other computer (with a CD drive and check if that is it)


Thanks for reading

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Sorry im just trying to reach the largest audiance possible.


I just need a little bit of help and thought if i put it into to catagories it would help.


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