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Car Buy Saloon


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I'm trying to make a car buy saloon, so when you enter a sphere inside Otto's Autohouse in San Fierro, you'll get groups like "Sport cars" etc, and when you choose one, it will give list of cars that belong in that group and you can select one and confirm payment. But got few problems: Got no idea what to do next, now it crashes when I go near Otto's Autohouse :S


I've been using Car-Saloon-Cleo mod made by ZAZ as a base, thanks for permission smile.gif




Wierd thing is, that it won't even create radar-mark on Otto's Autohouse and doesn't create a sphere either, can someone help me? nervous.gif



// This file was decompiled using sascm.ini published by Seemann (http://sannybuilder.com/files/SASCM.rar) on 13.10.2007{$VERSION 3.1.0027}{$CLEO .cm}//-------------MAIN---------------thread "CARSHOP"wait 1000570: 1@ = create_asset_radar_marker_with_icon 55 at -1663.583 1212.4419 7.1 018B: set_marker 1@ radar_mode 2:CARSHOP_10if   Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)else_jump @CARSHOP_10:CARSHOP_20if   00ED:   actor $PLAYER_ACTOR 0 near_point -1663.583 1212.4419 radius 10.0 10.0 on_footthen    03BC: 2@ = create_sphere_at -1663.583 1212.4419 21.1562 radius 1.5 end:CARSHOP_30if   0102:   actor $PLAYER_ACTOR in_sphere -1663.583 1212.4419 21.1562 radius 1.5 1.5 1.5 sphere 1 stopped_on_footthen   0002: jump @CARSHOP_40end:CARSHOP_40$ONMISSION = 1 09BA: show_entered_zone_name 00395: clear_area 1 at 700@ 701@ 702@ radius 30.0 01EB: set_traffic_density_multiplier_to 0.0 03DE: set_pedestrians_density_multiplier_to 0.0 022B: create_forbidden_for_peds_cube_cornerA 709@ 710@ 711@ cornerB 712@ 713@ 714@ 043C: disable_sounds_after_fade 008D4: 3@ = create_panel_with_title 'WELCOME' position 400.0 20.0 width 200.0 columns 1 interactive 1 background 1 alignment 008DB: set_panel 3@ column 0 header 'SECTION' data 'MUSCLE' 'SPORT' 'SUPER' 'OLDIES' 'ROADSTR' 'FAMILY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY' 'DUMMY'090E: set_panel 3@ active_row 0 


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