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GTA IV uses only internal graphiccard-sandy bridge


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I think my GTA IV uses my internal graphic card...

I cannot change any graphic settings, and in the option menus

is a warning, that my graphic card has only 52MB graphic-ram.

I have an i7 Q2630 and a geforce 540m....


in the nvidia management -> manage 3d settings -> global settings is the nvida card selectet....

i fixed the settings for the gtaiv.exe, too


( this was a problem at other games.... )


So anybody an idea for my problem? sad.gif

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Have you tried to update your drivers for your card?

Do you have the latest patch ( installed?


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Is there an option in the bios to completely disable the integrated GPU?

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First.... Thank You!



So, you cannot disable it in the Bios...


It's an integrated graphic card in the CPU...


..and to disable the CPU is not the best Idea, i think wink.gif


I have the latest drivers and patches...


I had this kind of Problem for other Games, like Crysis 2, too.

But there i adjusted the nvidia control panel, and the game starts with my nvidia card...

Only GTA IV thinks, that my laptop ownes only the internal graphic card... sad.gif

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I think you should check the BIOS for options prior to reaching any conclusions.


You can also try using the "-gpucount" switch, not sure how would that go, but try using "-gpucount 0", "-gpucount 1", "-gpucount 2".

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