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Best game you ever play


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Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. If you think Dead Rising can top that... I feel really sorry for you.

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I get bored so easily with MOST of the games...


My top 10 is the only 10 games i stack with the 15 years i play games...

Ok maybe there 4-5 more...


1. GTAs : The ultimate definition of GAME and FUN

2. Football Manager : The heaven of Soccer Fans

3. Pro Evolution until 2010, then FIFA : same as above but VS real player

4. Starcraft 1&2 : I dont like strategy games but those two became so addictive for me...Dont know why biggrin.gif

5. LIMBO : BRILLIANT platform - puzzle game...This is how platform games should be!

6. Max Payne 1&2 : Dont get excited about FPS too...But those had something very addictive...The same something Blizzard and Rockstar games has...

7. Deus Ex HR : HATE dialog games...Where a descent amount of activity is to interact...But this game had maybe the best atmosphere i have ever seen in a game...

8. Batman Arkham Asylum : I liked it so much...I got bored quickly of Arkham City...Maybe because of the huge distances without a vehicle...Asylum had the ideal size...

9. Warcraft 1&2 : Same as Starcraft...

10. Plants VS Zombies...Very addictive to me...


Also Doom 2, Thief 2 and racing games like Forza and GT...


I definetely forget 2-3 games...


Now all the others common good games (Mass Effect, Bioshock, CODs, BFs, CNCs, Dead Space, Crysis 2, Just Cause etc etc etc) got me bored before finishing them...Other after first half time others after 50-60% of single player campaign...They are definetely BRILLIANT GAMES but its about personal taste and addiction rate...


Finaly, about the topic's question!


Grand Theft Auto IV

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My answer tends to always be the same game whenever these topics arise, but over the years, some other games have started to equal the greatness of my usual answer, so I'm going to list a few of them and the reasons behind them.


Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time, Wind Waker & Twilight Princess. The reason for these games always getting my vote is for the fact that this was the series that truly got me into gaming, and is still my most played series of games of all time. I remember renting OOT one day (randomly, since I used to rent like 2-3 games a week), and I just couldn't put it down, and ended up renting it for around 4 consecutive weeks before finally purchasing it. The size of the game was amazing at that time, along with the level of detail that went into the game, from the characters to the surroundings. The story had me hooked like nothing ever has to this day. I missed out on MM, simply because it confused me, so the next game in the series was WW, which left a few Zelda fans dissapointed in the graphics region, but it didn't deter me at all, and enjoyed this game just as much. Yes, the travelling of the ocean got rather tedious at times, but the game overall was just as good. Then came TP, and this game was just brilliant...yet I failed to complete it due to a memory card corruption. sad.gif To this day, this series is still one of the best open-world games for me personally, and eagerly await the game that finally replaces OOT.


GTA - Full 3D series. GTAIII was one of the best games I played during that generation of gaming. The atmosphere of the game was absolutely perfect, creating that dreary atmosphere from the use of the weather effects, characters, surroundings etc. VC was the complete opposite, but just as great...apart from the way Tommy ran, which I could never stand. III was still the better of the two, but VC was brilliant, mainly for the atmosphere and the soundtrack. Then SA came along and just blew all my expectations away...the vast map, the amount of side-missions to do etc...IV, for me, was rather a let-down in a sense, but I got over it because it was a new system.


Assassins Creed - 2 & Brotherhood. Started this series off at #2, so missed out in the story sense, but this was the best open-world game I have played on the 360. I lost track of the story at certain points, and there were quite some annoying features within both games, but the games were just below perfect for me.


Mario Series. The original 2D titles killed a lot of time during my earlier years, but Mario 64 was one of the best games I owned for the N64. I never did get 120 stars though. Mario Sunshine was another great game for me, yet many others would disagree. I loved all the new features within the game, and spent absolutely hours on it. The Mario Kart series is also worth the mention, with Mario Kart 64 been a great game at the time, apart from the f*cked up A.I which meant you always knew the order in which they would finish. Many hours were spent on MP mode.


CoD: Modern Warfare 2. Gets a mention simply for being the game I tallied up the most hours on on my 360. Spent many sleepless nights on this game, and actually led to the eventual break-up between me and my ex. blush.gif


Battlefield - Bad Comapny 2. Another game that gets a mention for the near-perfect MP mode. I admit that I was more of a CoD player, but on the sessions that I sat down with this game, I couldn't put it down. The campaign was brilliant aswell, something that puts CoD campaign to shame.


There are many, many other games that are worthy of a mention, but I can't be arsed listing them due to the fact that this topic will probably be duplicated within a few months again.



Maybe one day we will get a pinned version of this topic, since it appears every few months? moto_whistle.gif

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Betrayal At Krondor! My feeble attempt at trying to explain why this game is great after so many years wouldn't do it justice.

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Half Life 2. I don't think any other game made me feel like I was actually there. The atmosphere, story, characters, puzzles, gameplay, action, suspense, I could go on. It made me care about what happens more than any other game. It was the game of the decade. Man that game will always be awesome. I can't wait for HL3 for XBOX 720. smile.gif

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I could never choose a best game, so I'll choose a few. *Cue laugh track* (also GTA isn't included because it's not fair to compare it on a GTA forum.)


Legend Of Zelda: The Windwaker: Probably mostly for the atmosphere. Ever since I played that game I've been a fan of both Oceanpunk, and forest temples (not that the previous ones weren't good, this fores temple was just my favorite for some reason). The ChuChus in this game were also memorable, in fact they're my favorite enemy from any Zelda game.


Mario Party 4: I remember playing this with my friend all the time at his house. We'd stay up all night and play, and I had a great time. This game really depends on how you use it (as all party games do).


Ratchet and Clank 2 & 3: I played these games for hours, and could probably play them for twice that time if I owned either one still. They were my first ever games that I roleplayed in, and probably would have been fun even without imagination. R&C1 could have made the list, but I never got past the part where you kill the sandsharks for Skid.


Sonic 3d Blast/ Flicky's Island: If you've ever played this game you're probably puzzled as to why it's even in this topic. The game was different than other Sonic games, boring, and extremely short. The game's here though because it introduced me to the pre-Sonic Adventure games, and was one of the most charming 90s-feeling games I've ever played (except maybe Ape Escape, or Streets Of Rage).


Endgame: Singularity: This game explores the concept of an AI becoming a singularity. I have no idea what that means, but the game is chilling. It's a strategy game in which you upgrade yourself until you win (though I've never done so), and avoid detection while doing it. It's also free, and introduced me to the concept of open source games.


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- GTA:San Andreas

- Other GTA's

- Minecraft and Sims (For creativity)

- Left 4 Dead

- Gears of War

- Assassin's Cread

- Age of Empires and Warcraft

- Call of Duty Series

- AFL (Sports game based on the Australian sport, Aussie Rules Football. AFL stands for 'Australian Football League'.)


Some others, but can't think at the moment.

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When it comes to overall gameplay, time spended and the how I enjoyed the games; there are many memorable games. My list goes something like this:


1. GTA: San Andreas (2004)

2. Pokémon Gold Version (1999)

3. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (2000)

4. Grand Theft Auto III (2001)

5. Sega Classics Arcade Collection (1994)

6. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (2002)

7. WWF SmackDown Just Bring It! (2001)

8. WWE Day of Reckoning (2004)

9. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (2001)

10. Parasite Eve 2 (1999)


To bad I ain't got time to comment anything at the moment. But i might share some thoughts later.

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While GTA 4 was is my favourite game, the best game I've ever played is Red Dead Redemption. What an immersive, beautiful game.

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best open-world game: Vice city (2002)

best racing game: Grand prix 2 (1996)

best wrestling game: HCTP (2003)

best fighting game: Wwe all stars (2011)

best adventure game: MGS 1 (1998) - MGS 3 (2004-2005)

best "strategy" (don't know if it's the right name) - The Movies (2005)


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RED DEAD REDEMPTION . I did feel Uncharted two improved upon it's original franchise namesake, and I've yet to play U3, but that's due to my hardware being hampered.


In the land of ROCKSTAR GAMES, all their 3D versions better themselves, and yes, for Renderware and PS2, PC, San Andreas is the ultimate culmination in it's day, but rather then branch into more PS2 games, which I am STILL ENDORSING!!

Rockstar moved to the new PS3 and Xbox360 and since has centered on building off of RAGE

So GTA IV is also my favorite GTA game, the more it's a game based in reality, the more I tend to like it, I also like many options present and open, Open World gaming's very definition


Add to this, earlier favorite games for me were arcade coin op and Apple ][ 8 bit era games, of which I collected and saved them still

Had a handful of Atari 2600 era carts, had played the successive Atari consoles, but not really owned or collected outside of Sega Genesis and 3DO, so there are a list of great games worth having for each of them.





I just read a useless post too, I guess we're on the same page.


Just because you don't understand the point of a post doesn't make it pointless, I was asking for an explanation to how he can replace a game on his favorites list with a game that's not even released.



You reported a led-by for doing his job and chances are the report went strait to him, nice call jackass.



Seeing how old this is from the Skyrim mention, pre-release!??

I'm offering a serious FYI with regard to the above. Just because a Mod or Led By posts an issue, it has no bearing on whether you can't report them, you can report them.

You can't take action directly, but reporting is a first course of recommended action instead of posting an angry reply. We don't always think to do so, as evidenced many times

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Jules Verne

Okay, here is my personal list of the best games I've ever played, By the best I mean the games that impacted me the most, completely immersed me, and just made me feel like I could never sell them.


Red Dead Redemption - Everyone should already know why.


Mafia 2 - Just had a big moment for me at the end, where you release you can't have it all.


GTA IV - I waited years for it and felt so much sympathy for Niko.


Fallout 3 - I played this game and got lost in it. I completely was immersed and I remember one time during my first play through I stopped and it took me a second to remember the real world.


Assassin's Creed II - Great Plot, Great characters, Great historical feel.


GTA Vice City- Probably my favorite game of all time, I loved everything about the game, the era, the music, the cars, the characters.


GTA 3- I played this game when I was 7, the game was brand new and it completely blew me away. I remember the first time I played GTA 3 and realized it was sandbox and you could do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted without being restricted to just doing missions.


Ricky Carmichaels MX 2002 - The first game that was ever 'mine' I got it in 2002 with the original xbox console, I've been racing motocross since I was four years old so my parents got me it. I played it all the time with my Dad. The next year I won the AMA east coast championship in 2003 for 6-8 year olds. I had to travel to almost every state from Florida to Almost New York. Every weekend (because I was gone every weekend) I would play this game, it helped me stay focused and entertained and I can still put it in the old xbox and play it.





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John The Grudge

Mirrors Edge


It felt fresh and atmospheric. Playing it provides perhaps the best escape I've gotten from a game this or any generation.


I'm at work so I can't post a trailer. A picture will have to do.

user posted image

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friendly luggage

My favourite games are:


Halo CE and 3




Battlefield Bad Company



and some Dreamcast games like Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure and Rush 2049.

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Vice City is my favorite of all time inlove.gifinlove.gifinlove.gif Since 2002 ithere was bunch of walktroughs on PS2 and PC.Tommy is the best icon14.gif

Also a lot of others games like SA,IV,III,RDR,Uncharted 1,Assassins Creed 2,Mass effect series, Killzone 1,Driver 1,MOH 1,MOH Underground,Tekken 3,Syphon Filter series,MGS 4,COD:Finest Hour,COD 4,Bully and so on.

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#1 - Grand Theft Auto IV



- Grand Theft Auto

- Max Payne

- Alan Wake

- Uncharted

- God Of War

- Red Dead

- Resident Evil

- Mass Effect

- Call Of Duty

- Medal Of Honor

- Mario

- Dead Space

- Castlevania

- Devil May Cry

- Dead Rising

- Splinter Cell

- Metal Gear Solid

- Assassin's Creed

- Gears Of War

- Doom

- Batman: Arkham

- The Darkness

- Mortal Kombat



- Rage

- Dead Island

- Heavy Rain

- Fahrenheit

- Enslaved

- Tekken 6

- Black


...there are much more, but I can't remember.

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Mister Pink

Probably San Andreas or Vice City.


If San Andreas didn't add so many comfy features such as controlling the camera with the right analogue stick I probably would have went to complete VC 100%. Actually, think I started. Don't know why I finished.


Got 100% in SA. Loved it!

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for me. Man It's so fun.

Gotta agree with you there. Best game of all time.

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Didn't really play a lot of games, but I'd choose GTA San Andreas as my best. If I had Sega, I think I'd name much more games.
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San Andreas, Vice City and Bully. Its all that I can pick out from my mind. Not very many but hey better than none.

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Grand Theft Autos, Max Payne 1&2, Bully, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit & Road Challenge, Call of Duty: Black Ops (Zombie Mode)

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It's a toss up between Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption, both games are just overflowing with content and have an amazing atmosphere, I honestly don't think I'll find two games this good for a long, long time.

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Mister Pink

Yeah actually, when I get Skrim again and play it properly through it will be up there with the best.


Also Fallout 3 is worth a mention. biggrin.gif

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I'll start with The Legend of Zelda for NES. It was the first NES game that I spent countless hours looking for everything around the map. I remember bombing every square inch of the map and setting fires to every tree looking for secrets.


Super Mario world came next. It's still one of my most played games I own. I even have the mods for the PC. I can almost beat this game literally with my eyes closed. lol.gif


Donkey Kong Country for SNES. At the time it was the best looking game on the shelf. It's def a game you must own if you have a Super Nintendo around.


Super Mario RPG for SNES. This was my second RPG title I played with Final Fantasy for NES being my first. It's one of the best RPG games to date. This great game led me into playing...


Final Fantasy VII for PS1. As I said above, I played the original one for the NES and I never really liked that game at all. It was boring and fighting every 12 seconds was repetitive. I avoided RPG games until Mario RPG was launched. At first glance I didn't think much of FFVII until I borrowed a copy and that's all it took from there. Sadly my enjoyment for RPG games ended with FFX.


Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time is the one and only game I looked forward to from it's start to finish. All the hype in the V section here doesn't come close to how anticipated this game was.


Grand Theft Auto III. Got to admit, Vice city/San Andreas/GTAIV ...none of those games were discussed around me in real life outside the forum and the Internet as much as this one. It was a big deal, other than driver there was no game like this one. You can do whatever you want in GTAIII. One of the finest games I ever played.


If I could give up all those I posted for one favorite game. It's Super Mario World.


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1. GTA Series

2. NFS Series

3. CoD Series

4. Dragon Age II

5. Oblivion : The Elder Scrolls IV

6. Bully


I want to play the Oblivion : Skyrim sad.gif

But I still can't find the CD yet.

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