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DYOM Mission Index V2


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This is version two of the DYOM Mission Index. This thread will always be in developement and it will feature all threads from page one to the last. Secronom President, me, made the first one. It had a different system, but this one will show it all.







Username Thread's Name Link
BerkoGame Driving School Link
BerkoGame Vagos Home << Link
[bigDog] [WIP] Grand Theft Auto: Classic Pack Link
darbeli0 Deathmach Series Link
Dj_Sik92 [MISSION][WIP]GTA San Andreas Stories Link
DT-boy DT-boy presents Link
GTA_SA_FREE GTA_SA_FREE's missions Link
james227uk Cleaning the hood Link
Little Psycho Little Psycho's Missions Link
lord sh...t-head hardest mission ever Link
MinnieMan121249 The Mob Link
Ruscris2 Ruscris2 Missions Link
Ruscris2 [MISSION] The Movie:Xtreme Racer Link
SilentKillaMan 4 part Rock Band series Link
Sweet_Jonhson Sweet_Jonhson/nrng97 missions Link
Thorium NabuK's mission(s) Link
TNTX32 TNTX32's Off-FreakinHood Missions Link
123robot [MISSIONS]123robot's almighty pack of missions Link
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If people want to help, leave me a note. I will tell you what to do.

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Why are you making it this hard? Here you go:



Tired of searching? Tired of searching manually? Tired of searching with a search tool only working for Moderators and Administrators? Looking for a place with all the mission packs and single missions? Well, you are in the right place!The DYOM Mission Index includes all the missions and mission packs we can find around. Whether that it would be from; a car thief mission pack to a racer mission passing by a professional killer story. We have it all!With this thread, your missions and mission packs will never get forgotten, even if your thread containing your mission or mission pack is in the last page. Though I still concentrate on mission packs first, I will do a section for lone missions too.Mission packs are my main priority as much of the mission designers are doing these. If you create a single mission and want it to be here, you can PM me or ask here. But, there are chances it will take longer than with mission packs.


The list is in alphabetical order. It is not the mission packs that are in alphabetical order but, the creators of these. It is going to be updated daily.As there will be more designers, there will be more people in it and more sections (username starting with "a", "b", "c", "d", etc... until "z"). The usernames starting with numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc...) will be after usernames starting with the "z" letter. Usernames starting with symbols (", &, %, ?, *, ¤, ¢, ¢, £, etc...) will be put after the ones with numbers. That means that if you don't want to be at the bottom of the list, you will require to have a letter starting username.The order of the usernames with symbols will not be in "symbological" order but, they will depend of the letter or the number coming after the first one or of the first letter or number coming the symbols.You may notice some users have their name wrote more than one time. It is normal. It only means that they have more than one mission or mission pack.You may also notice that there a lot of designers that don't have their names in there. That's because their missions or mission packs threads are not in DYOM Mission. They are in DYOM Support. Why they are there? It is because of a modification to the original Design Your Own Mission sub-forum that occured on January 5, 2011. The reason is unknown but, is pretty simple to understand.The mission packs: this is what this list is all about. The mission packs are a bunch of missions united together making one story. The mission packs list will include storylines (made in DYOM V6 storyline feature) and normal missions. You may notice some mission packs have these two "--" in the Mission Name table. It means that they are .zip files or DLS.zip files. Normal missions coming from a mission pack will have their names written in the Mission Name table.Now, to the mission packs list:


UsernameMission PackThreadAB0333Episodes From San FierroLinkbilly7877Captain AlexLinkbilly7877Marco's StoriesLinkBOOM4DOOMDa Nang StoriesLinkBrian WalkerARMY Fourteenth TeamLinkBrian WalkerLos Santos StoriesLinkBrian WalkerGTA Los SantosLinkChimpsieGrand Theft Auto : Silent HillLinkChimpsoSAPD ChroniclesLinkChimpso007 GoldenEyeLinkC!TRU5~M!XX3RDeep ConvictionLinkC!TRU5~M!XX3RLife On FarmLinkC!TRU5~M!XX3RSiN NukeLinkCOOLMAN12234555896Life In El QuebradosLinkCOOLMAN12234555896Strange Way Of LifeLinkCOOLMAN12234555896Taking Over Grove StreetLinkDj_Sik92Stories In San AndreasLinkDoublepulseLas Venturas CrewLinkGangstaParadocDealers In StreetsLinkGangstaParadocSWAT StoriesLinkGTASanAndreasBOSSSan Andreas Wars StoriesLinkGTASanAndreasBOSSThe Sweet LifeLinkGTA-MANNYDeadley Dudley Isnt Too CuddlyLinkJackal1337Boyz N The HoodLinkJackal1337Call Of DutyLinkJackal1337Company 69LinkJackal1337GodfatherLinkJackal1337Indiana JohnsonLinkJackal1337ManhuntLinkJackal1337Mystery In Red CountyLinkJackal1337Punks Of Neighborhood/GreenglassLinkJackal1337Special OpsLinkJackal1337Stand AloneLinkJackal1337They Never ReturnedLinkJackal133724 MinutesLinkjetjatinGTA Cleaning The CrimeLinkjetjatin1000 RisksLinkJimmy_LeppardJohnny Nixon ChroniclesLinkJimmy_LeppardGTA Prison BreakLinkJimmy_LeppardThe ForgottenLinkKENY1RAY2Los Santos EpisodesLinkKratos2000Carlo's Forbidden TreasureLinkKratos2000The AftermathLinkKiller13aBiker WarsLinkKiller13aGang LifeLinkKiller13aThe Battle MissionsLinkKiller13aThe Terminator 3LinkleoncjDillimore CurseLinkleoncjEpisodes From Las VenturasLinkleoncjGangster And Proud Of ItLinkleoncjThe Right Man In A Wrong PlaceLinkmati1501ChristmasLinkmati1501The Don And His GunLinkMattatattaCodename: ZuluLinkNusantaraRepublic of CommunistLink0G THUGBetter DaysLink0G THUGTwo Of San Andreas Most WantedLinkpauliux2Life Of A KillerLinkpauliux2The KillerLinkPlatinum CardThe Ballad Of Tommy VercettiLinkRaVuRavu's StoriesLinkRytuklisMafia: The City Of San AndreasLinkRytuklisThe Psycho DiaryLinkSamilSWATLinkSatournFanEpisodes From Los SantosLinkSatournFanEpisodes From San AndreasLinkSatournFanLas Venturas StoriesLinkSatournFanOne Reason To DieLinkSecronom PresidentBuild Up Your San Andreas GangLinkSecronom PresidentChronicles Of SecronomLinkSecronom PresidentDead FrontierLinkSecronom PresidentThe ArmyLinkSecronom PresidentThe Chronicles Of John SecronomLinkSevilleChengLives In San FierroLinkSevilleChengSeville Cheng ChroniclesLinkSevilleChengThings to do in Las VenturasLinksimi10The Big HuntLinkSgt.CopWarzoneLinkSkander BladeThe Zombotech IncidentLinktimdyomRiotLinkTonyCJLife In The ArmyLinkTony_FlorenceFight ClubLinkTony_FlorenceReturn To San AndreasLinkTony_FlorenceThe DealLinkTug66666Power Is EverythingLinktwannie1997Toreno's Early StoryLinkUsernameGTA IV Story for San AndreasLinkWilburnThe Chronicles Of San AndreasLinkxandrenCompany Of HeroesLinkxandrenGang StoriesLinkxMatixKampania WrześniowaLinkxMatixPolicemanLinkxMatixThe B TeamLinkxMatixWorld In WarLink1xDarkWarriorx1Mafia StoriesLink1xDarkWarriorx1Mafia Stories: The PrologueLink1xDarkWarriorx1The Grand EscapeLink1xDarkWarriorx1The RiotersLink1xDarkWarriorx1Tommy Vercetti StoriesLink[501st]WolfTurning Point: Shift In The SandLink[/tableb]

The single missions: this is what the next list is all about. They are missions that are not aming part of mission packs. They are most likely some of the firsts missions made by a new designer. The list of these will be updated daily. They use the same ranking system as the one above.Now, to the missions list:


UsernameMissionDownloadAndyGanteksBeen a WhileLinkarmatzur12armatzur12's MissionsLinkarmatzur12Zombies Are Taking the TownLinkAsyraf FileAsyraf File's MissionsLinkbilly7877Terrorist ActionLinkBoom4DoomOperation XLinkDroosci6Droosci6's MissionsLinkDroosci6Ryder Visits Vice CityLinkGangstaParadocHavana TimeLinkGangstaParadocPapi Don't ScreechLinkGangstaParadocPurple HazeLinkgtamods123gtamods123's MissionsLinkGTA-MANNYGTA-MANNY's MissionsLinkguibBallas TrapLinkJackal1337Army Of TwoLinkJackal1337Ban TNTX32LinkJackal1337Just BusinessLinkJackal1337Presidents PartyLinkJackal1337The Lost And DamnedLinkJackal1337Three Leaf CloverLinkJackal1337Three Leaf Clover V2LinkJackal1337Tricks Of TriadLinkJackal1337Wild Wild WestLinkKiller13aKiller13a's MissionsLinkMrShadowThingDon't Search, Just DestroyLinkpauliux2pauliux2's MissionsLinkSarka_Gta User_Killy BillyLinkSecronom PresidentThe Last StandLinkTonyCJGrove vs BallasLinkTonyCJStunts TrainingLinkTonyCJStunts Training 2LinkTony_FlorenceBack To The FutureLinkTony_FlorenceNight At Fishers LagoonLinkTony_FlorenceThe WoodsLinktwannie1997Right Side Of The HighwayLink[/tableb]


If you have any suggestions, contact me by PM or post here. Also, if you have a YouTube account, you can find me here: SecronomPresident.


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