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Protecting the Wolf [PSN]

Recommended Posts



user posted image


Event of Team Version of Lone Wolf mode on The Lost and Damned Online



user posted image


Two or more teams, one lone wolf, the team with the overall longest duration as wolf, wins the game. Killing your own wolf however equals -1 minute, so watch out for friendly fire sigh.gif


Game is disallow only, two/three matches are played weekly (20 minutes, any location, any weapons), players that show up should represent their teams, however teams will be randomised and balanced if not equal team members show up.



user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


Edited by ajbns87
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user posted image



Matches are to be played on either Saturdays or Sundays - 17.00pm UK Time

( note due to failure of some people to show up since signing up to this, teams are now going to mix, in general though, those that do show up will be drafted with their team members)






27th May 2011

EL FUGA, AndyGanteks, Ajbns87 vs Rikobegovic, Gazziboy

EL FUGA:13.36






EL FUGA, ajbns87 vs NittyDon,Gazziboy, J4ADM

EL FUGA:11.36






19th June 2011

ro1337, Madmonk420 vs ajbns87, Richard Turpin(Big-P), PUKEMAGGOTS





Richard_Turpin:0 (did DC. midway)


ro1337, Madmonk420 vs ajbns87, Richard Turpin, PUKEMAGGOTS

ro1337: 16.51






26th June 2011


Ro1337 and PUKEMAGGOTS vs ajbns87 and Deesai(Guest) vs Madmonk420 and Misfitsfan1

Deesai: 4.47


Madmonk: 3.45

ro1337: 2.39

Misfits: 0.57

ajbns87: 0.35


Ro1337 and Misfitsfan1 vs PUKEMAGGOTS and Deesai vs Madmonk420 and ajbns87

ro1337: 5.58

Deesai: 4.20

ajbns87: 3.29

Misfits: 2.27

Madmonk420: 2.04



29th June 2011 (3.5)

Ro1337(score not counted), ajbns87 (score not counted) Chromarko (Guest) and BnB


EL FUGA, Richard_Turpin, AOGjr and ShreddingRob and Bradleyowain (joined mid game)

Chromarko: 8.28

Richard Turpin: 4.41

ro1337: 2.30

EL FUGA: 2.05


Bradleyowain: 0.19

BnB, AOGjr, ShreddingRob: 0


EL FUGA, ajbns87, BnB and ShreddingRob


ro1337, Bradleyowain, AOGjr and RichardTurpin

ro1337: 11.02

Richard Turpin: 2.11

EL FUGA: 1.51

ajbns87: 1.36

BnB: 0.50

AOGjr, ShreddingRob, BradleyOwain: 0


July 3rd 2011


EL FUGA, AndyGanteks. Deesai (Guest player), PUKEMAGGOTS


BradleyOwain, ajbns87, Junky2115, Booze--T

EL FUGA-7.38






Junky2115- 0.48



EL FUGA, Richard_Turpin, Bradleyowain, Junky2115


ajbns87, PUKEMAGGOTS, Booze--T, AndyGanteks

ajbns87- 6.14

Richard Turpin - 4.39

Booze--T - 3.27

Bradleyowain - 2.33

AndyGanteks - 0.16


July10th 2011



ajbns87, Deesai, Madmonk420 and xToM1996X


TASOtheBOSS - 4.54

EL FUGA - 2.00

Madmonk - 1.07

xToM1996X - 0.17




Ajbns87, Madmonk420,AndyGanteks, Deesai

Deesai - 7.28

EL FUGA - 4.50

ajbns87 - 3.30 (dc'ed)


xToM1996X - 0.24

Madmonk - 0.12





user posted image
Position Wolf (Team) Score No. Events/Games Played
1 ro1337 (Dukes of Doom) 1.04.21 10
2 EL FUGA (Los Diablos) 57.06 10
3 ajbns87 (Los Diablos) 37.19 15
4 Richard_Turpin (Los Diablos) 28.42 8
5 Andyganteks (Los Diablos) 12.02 8
6 Madmonk420 (Dukes of Doom) 11.58 9
7 PUKEMAGGOTS (L.C. Road Warriors) 11.10 11
8 TASOtheBOSS (L.C. Road Warriors) 4.54 1
9 BradleyOwain (Too Fast MC) 3.58 4
10 J4ADM (Too Fast MC) 3.33 1
11 Lewisvee (Dukes of Doom) 3.16 2
12 AOGjr (Sons of Silence) 2.30 4
13 xToM1996X (Too Fast MC) 1.03 4
14 BnB (Too Fast MC) 0.50 2
15 Junky2115 0.48 2
17 NittyDon (L.C. Road Warrior) 0.40 1
18 Rikobegovic (L.C. Road Warrior) 0.27 1
Retired Booze--T (Dukes of Doom) 4.09 2
Removed Gazziboy (L.C. Road Warriors) 5.27 2


The top 6 are confirmed for the final.
  • ro1337
  • ajbns87
  • Richard_Turpin
  • AndyGanteks
  • Madmonk420
Particants Details



Team Name PSN Name GTAF name
Sons of Silence bogdan_nicorescu bogdan_nicorescu
AoGjr AoGjr
masonchance mason.ace
ShreddingRob RedBlues
LC Road Warriors NittyDon Nitty Don
RikoBegovic docrikowski
Gazziboy Gazziboy
Dukes of Doom ro1337 ro1337
Booze--T Booze T
Lewisvee Lewisvee
Madmonk420 Madmonk420
Dr-Mayhem111 KingofGTA69-V
Los Diablos ajbns87 ajbns87
Richard_Turpin BIG-P-92
AndyGanteks AndyGanteks
Too Fast DneroJohnson DneroJohnson
xxToM1996xx Tommy.
BnBDim BnB
BradleyOwain BradleyOwain



user posted image





Four Games in each island, the player with the highest combined times from these games is declared the winner. The final will consist of the top 6 players ( Although 7th and 8th position are welcome to show in case a top 6 player fails to make it )


The Player starting as Lone Wolf, will the lowest ranked player in regards to the current event leaderboard, in the second game, the lone wolf will be the player with the lowest time from the initial game.


Duration of games will be set to: 10 Minutes


Bike Class / Type: One game will be played with SPORTS bikes and the other with ROAD bikes ( I'm considering making a rule "No Sanchez")


Weapons : Sports Bikes - Powerful, Road Bikes - Standard


Other settings


Weather: Clear

Time: Midnight

Health Reticule: Off

Online ID: Off







- Working together as a team counts, it is pointless everyone chasing a lone wolf, try to predict which way they are heading and cut them off, getting infront of a lone wolf is key, especially ones that like to use bombs/grenades. Predict their movements is better than following and trailing.


- Remember other vehicles can be used, but sometimes it is quicker to hold triangle for a new bike (your health doesn't restore doing this)


- When you're team member is the lone wolf, support them by slowing down the opposing team, this can actually be more effective than killing them in some instances, if you do kill them they are likely to respawn close to the lone wolf! Also to let them know its you when you are close, use your horn (if you don't have a mic).


-Do not go straight ahead when you get hunted. change direction whenever it's possible then you dont have the disadvantage of the slower bike (it's only slower in topspeed, not in acceleration)


-When you have a big group of attackers behind u avoid the big streets and take short- cuts through small alleys.


-When an attacker comes from the left/right side the only right direction to go is where he comes from. 180° turn takes longer than 90° for him. dont be afraid to head directly to him cause it will be to quick to shoot u. (except he expects that and is turning around already)


-Take weapons. there's only the pistol and bomb/molotov but it's essential to pick up some extra ammo.


-When someone spawns right next to you shoot his tires.


-You must know Liberty City better than your own city




Graphics - Narcis Speed, Monstamasha and Blitz

Tables - AndyGanteks

Tips - Ro1337

Edited by ajbns87
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Strength Beyond Strength

I remember you were talking about this event back in the day when old Damned topic was in function! Glad you decided to bring it to life. Everything looks excellent, and I can wish you only good luck, much participants and fun icon14.gif .

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Thankyou Strength smile.gif



Well Remembered, I was looking back on that topic and I thought what the heck whilst the PSN is down, I'll try to get it sorted again.


The Damned MC is quite active, and hopefully other gangs and members will give it a go.


and thankyou Dan, or should I say "obrigado" smile.gif



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GTAF Name:bogdan_nicorescu

PSN account:bogdan_nicorescu

Gang (if any):The Damned MC

Favourite Bike:Hellfury

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Great work AJ, this looks like fun! Please count me in smile.gif





PSN account: EL_FUGA

Gang (if any): None, I'm a lone wolf

Favourite Bike: Hakuchou Custom



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Thanks for joining and supporting Fuga and Bogdan, I might ask ro1337 to join but he can be in a team on his own biggrin.gif

Once there are enough players registered ( for example 12/ 4 teams of 3) I'll set -up some matches and dates.

More are welcome and if it becomes more popular which I hope, then I'd like to do a tournament (like the DTW)

At that stage I might make up some "team names" and "logos".


Firstly though I think it would be good to give it a trial run, as with any custom event, there's bound to be a few inconviences or things I might have to reconsider, such as the best ways of distinguishing different teams (as everyone but the lonewolf will be appear as a purple blip! and will surely confuse)


Hope to see more, I'm going to advertise this more, and probably by the end of this month, things will kick off, feel free to provide suggestions, any help making up biker gang logos / names would be appreciated too.

Edited by ajbns87
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Good event, its the team version of my lc survivor event from last year. Which reminds me, i'll start the LCSurvivor 2 again later in July. icon14.gif


And yeah, i would like to sign up too.


GTAF Name: AndyGanteks

PSN account: AndyGanteks

Gang (if any): The Yardies

Favourite Bike: Hexer


You need 9 people for this event right? Or 6? I'll post in Y topic if anyone's of our people is free to play.

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GTAF Name: Booze T

PSN account: Booze--T

Gang (if any): Angels of Death

Favourite Bike: N/A

I have an unpredictable schedule, so I can't promise anything. Maybe put me down as reserve?

It should be good to play with some PSpeeps for a change smile.gif

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GTAF Name: AoGjr

PSN account: AoGjr

Gang (if any): Damned Mc

Favourite Bike: doesn't matter

sounds awesome dude can't wait to do it

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welcome aboard Andy, Booze and AOG, thanks for your support smile.gif


For this event andy, I just need teams of 3, then depending on the number of teams, it will either be a tournament, a ladder or maybe a little league.

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GTAF Name: RobsEpicFret

PSN account: ShreddingRob

Gang (if any): The Damned MC

Favourite Bike: Lycan,Wayfarer,Angel,Zombie,Freeway,double T

this is gonna be a blast

are you going to put the gang outfits or motorcycles in the 1st post?

some people doesn't like to have everything uniformed(I'm fine with it as long as it isn't ,head,glasses)

I suggest if your going to do uniforms it would be Head(Bandanas) Face(bandanas) or jackets and helmets.

and team will be required to wear atleast one of those.

Edited by RobsEpicFret
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Yeah... Why not? biggrin.gif



GTAF Name: BIG-P-92

PSN account: BIG-P-92

Gang (if any): D12

Favourite Bike: Zombie, Hexer, Bati 800/Bati Custom, Freeway, PCJ 600.

Sounds good! Can't wait for PSN to get back on, I need my GTA online fix lol.gif

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I'd join but I dont have a PS3 sad.gif.


Nice idea though icon14.gif.


Let me know if 'The Damned' make a 360 version of this event.

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Welcome on board dirties, nice of you to join Nitty and Big P.


Thanks for support sweatypa1ms smile.gif

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Doc Rikowski

Great job aj. cool.gificon14.gif


GTAF Name: docrikowski

PSN account: RikoBegovic

Gang (if any): D12

Favourite Bike: Hexer


If it's played from Thursday to Saturday around 9pm UK time I sould make it. smile.gif


I'm not sure only about one rule. The one about the neutral biker if teams are tied 1-1 after two rounds.

What the neutral biker will do? Does he start as lone wolf? What happens once he's taken out? He leaves? smile.gif

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Thanks for joining Doc


Sorry if that was unclear, yes a neutral player will be needed if the games are tied, in the deciding game the neutral player will begin as wolf, so that neither team has an advantage, once killed its best if that player leaves, hopefully somebody wont mind doing this smile.gif


I'm undecided about times for the event yet, but once I get an idea of how many are up for it, we'll discuss times and days together.

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GTAF Name: Tommy.

PSN account: xToM1996X

Gang (if any): The Yardies

Favourite Bike: Hexer

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so far 11 players have confirmed smile.gif


It would be nice have to 15, making it 5 teams of 3 , or 16 total with 4 teams of 4.

Once PSN is back up I will add you all, and we'll arrange a trial game, to test how it works.


Coming soon are team names / biker gangs and logos, if you have any suggestion for team names or would like to

design logos (Biker gang logos) for this event, please let me know.


also please let me know if you would prefer to play as gangs vs gangs, or would rather be in random teams?


note, If I do make teams, they will be totally random. smile.gif

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Random teams would be cool.

Maybe form the teams and allow them to come up with their own logos, uniform and chosen bikes themselves? biggrin.gif

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random team names will be named as soon as enough players are confirmed ( 12 minimum ) though 15 - 16 would be better smile.gif


Also coming soon are team names and logos (feel free to suggest any names etc in pm if you wish )

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Team ideas

The Doomed

The Fallen

Los Santos's:Angels

San Fierro's:Smug

Las Venturas':Spades

Liberty City's:Patriots

Vice City's:Ink

DragDemons(Double T)


Punks on Wheels(Revenant)


Midnight Thunder(Nightblade)


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I'm making a deadline for registrations to this event, Monday 9th May. Hopefully by this time the PSN will be back up too smile.gif


I hope more players will officially register here, between now and then.




Ps. Thanks to all for your suggestions smile.gif Please no more though I have come to a decison biggrin.gif at last regarding team names / back stories!





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i was disappointed that PSN did not come back on

i hope you like the names

how will you random the teams?

anyways good luck.

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everyone is disappointed about the PSN too, Sony should make things more clear as to when the f*ck it is coming back !


To make teams random I'll just put everyone names in a hat, and pull them out ! Lol how else could I do it?


More people need to officially join this though, please encourage other gang members to join and friends, this will be very fun to play to im sure.

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Sony need to be fully transparent about when the PSN is going to be back up and what data they collect from us.



Put me down for this event too.

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