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Aaaaand, another handling.dat question


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Hey guys, been mucking around with the handling.dat, and achieved some hilarious results. like negative drag values.






Aaaanyway, this time I wanna do something with a little effort and purpose to it. so on top of vehicles being easily deformable (credits to the realistic damage mod guy) I want to further mod this to take advantage of the realistic damage now in my game. but I dont understand how the traction works. and what I want to do is make something exponentially worse than driving on ice.



basically you have these 5 values











These, i dont know what they do.




when I lowered this value it gave the vehicles little ability to corner, yet they accelerated and where able to brake almost as normal. The purpose of this is to have cars stuck in a low friction environment so I can watch a mass game of vehicular pinball. but I want cornering and braking to be almost impossible, but have some vague hint of being there. and accelerating to be a frustrating series of wheel spins as your car gradually builds up the momentum to travel at a terrifying yet comfortable cruising speed..

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It's described in the handling.dat itself.


(Wc+) m_fTractionCurveMax (formerly fTractionMult)

(Wc-) m_fTractionCurveMin (formerly fTractionLoss)

(Wc-) m_fTractionCurveLateral (shape of lateral traction curve (peak traction position in degrees)

(Wc|) m_fTractionCurveLongitudinal (shape of longituduinal traction curve (peak traction position in degrees)

(Ws+) m_fTractionSpringDeltaMax (max dist for traction spring)

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Little bit of of a bump but I thought this might be worth throwing out there.....


You might consider working on the surface date contained in MATERIALS.dat found at

.......Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\common\data\materials


It could give interesting results, along the lines of what has been described previously.

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