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GTA VC CLEO Mod Idea (TransFender)


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Hello! I got an idea for a CLEO mod in GTA Vice City which will add the feature of car customisation in the game (like in San Andreas). Basically, it will add a marker to the Pay&Spray in Sunshine Autos which will then go to a series of selection interfaces to tune your car. The "Spray and Go" sign above it will be retextured to "TransFender". Do you think this idea can be possible on Vice City's game engine (read on before you think)?


Cars that can be tuned:













Colour - $150

Hydraulics - $200

Nitrous - $200

PaintJob (texture change) - $800 each (five choices)

Hood (texture change) - three choices

Spoilers (not available for Infernus or Deluxo) - three choices

Wheels (texture change) - six choices


PaintJob Choices:

PaintJob1 - Flames

PaintJob2 - XFlow

PaintJob3 - ProStreet

PaintJob4 - Vice City

PaintJob5 - Carbon


Hood Choices:

ProStreet - $250

Carbon - $350

XFlow - $500


Spoiler Choices:

ProStreet - $300

Carbon - $250

XFlow - $500


Wheel Choices:

Fender - $100

ProStreet - $200

Shadow - $200

OffRoad - $250

Racing - $350

Dollar - $500


This mod idea involves new models and textures as well as CLEO scripts.

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Requests goes >here<

You're a very big fantasy spammer. To realize your idea: play San andreas

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