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TLAD Online [PSN]

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Im looking for more players to play TLAD online with , its dead online, but once PSN is back, I hope to arrange some big games such as bike races, lone wolf and witness protection (strictly disallow). Age and ability dont matter, as long as you play fair and for fun, mic is a plus though.

feel free PM me on here, or come over and post in the Damned MC topic in the gang section or add me on the psn - ajbns87 if your interested. colgate.gif


Theres alot of fun to be had on EFLC especially if lobbys are full of players wink.gif

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Theres alot of fun to be had on EFLC especially if lobbys are full of players

GFL i tried tlad online again before the psn blackout was playing free roam after going from mode to mode the only room that was active was free room it was me and 1 other peron that was idile im like ok whatever then someone else joined and starts killing the idile player i go over there wondering WTF? turned out to be a griefer ugh. Rdr/gta mp 90% aholes which means 5 months tops they become ghost town servers.

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its exactly why I'm trying to get people together from this forum, i bet there are people out there who have wanted to try online, but because of the lack of players, have never had a decent game through waiting forever in a lobby, I think for only the first 3 weeks of release on ps3 Did I ever get a lot of games in with my friends, but since not many of them play it, whilst the PSN is down thought it be an idea to try and get players together.

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