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Body Parts Blown Off In VC like In GTA3


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I am stumped, how does this work, and how can it be set up to work when a ped gets shot on a certain body part like in GTA 3? And finally if that works, will it also work in SA?



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It might not be that easy to map a shot to a ped component, but the general idea of "removing" ped components is pretty simple.


In ped's prerender callback, after the game has done its calculations on ped component matrices, you just have to scale the matrices of the components you want to hide with a zero vector.


The code itself would look something like this (to remove head manually):


DWORD dwIndex;RwMatrix* pRwHeadMatrix;RwV3d vecScale = {0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f};RpHAnimHierarchy* pAnimHierarchy = RpClumpGetSkinHAnimHierarchy(ENT(pPed)->pRpClump);RwMatrix* pRwMatrixArray = RpHAnimHierarchyGetMatrixArray(pAnimHierarchy);dwIndex = RpHAnimIDGetIndex(pAnimHierarchy, pPed->pFrames[AFRAMEID_HEAD]->dwFrameNodeId);pRwHeadMatrix = &pRwMatrixArray[dwIndex];RwMatrixScale(pRwHeadMatrix, &vecScale, rwCOMBINEPRECONCAT);


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