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Keepie Uppie Beach Ball coding question


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Can someone please explain the coding that determines where the Keepie Uppie

Beach Ball can spawn in VC and how often? Besides the two spawn spots in pools

on Starfish Island, I've seen it appear on the east beach of the east island at

least five times, and once I'm pretty sure it spawned in or near an outdoor pool

(I think it was the one by an outdoor bar in the southwest section of the east



What are all the spawn spots and what determines how often it appears? How

could you make it aways appear at all of the spots?

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The two beach balls spawned in Star Is are in the IPL file. I'm going to see if I can find where the others spawn. Their spawn points aren't controlled by the script file.

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Thanks again for the help.


I'm guessing there are set spawn spots on the beach, and in or by pools, and

appearance can be set with a multiple choice something like the colors for cars:

two spots have a "yes" all the time, and the rest have 150 or whatever "no"s and

one "yes."

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I just found two on the east beach of the east island.


north end

x 761.79

y 1159.89

z 17.26


south side

x 575.67

y -1301.06

z 12.81


I don't know if this makes any difference, but I was using your CLEO Mini Con-

sole with gravity at 0.

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