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San Andrea Graphics comparison


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Hey Guys.

Here's something I find strange about SA for PC. The Lens flare effect you get when driving or walking directly nto the sun seems almost non-existent when compared to the PS2.


What I mean here is, on the PS2 When it's dusk and you look in the sun's direction, it's bright orange and there's alot of camera lens flare making a very bright glow, same thing at dawn where sometimes it can be almost blindingly bright white.


Now on the PC you look at the sun and it's just a static orange ball with next to no lens flare at all, only real lens flare is at mid-day when you can see a little on the sun.


I wonder if I'm doing somethin wrong, my PC is well up to max settings, just a little thing I noticed when comparing the 2 versions, it's abit like what they did with the headlights on cars between VC and SA, where they took away the glar effect from headlights in SA.

See what I'm getting at fellas?


Sam smile.gif

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Maybe rockstar concentrate more on the console side since more people play on consoles and leave us pc gamers with the short end of the stick when it comes to effects confused.gif

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Interestingly, if you delete the PC SA's original "timecyc.dat" and then copy and paste the "timecycp.dat" renaming it to "timecyc.dat" it is the exact same one they use for PS2, and when that's done it's pretty much indiscernible between PC and PS2 IMO.

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