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Staunton Island without Cheats


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There's a similar thread in the forum, but just wanted to ask advice on this.


There's a way to get to Staunton early without cheating, and I wonder if anyone's actually managed to do it this way, or if there's a video tutorial somewhere (been on youtube and nothing there).


I read in a walkthrough that it can be done using a trashmaster in a similar way it could be done in GTAIII with the Banshee, which involves backing the Trashmaster into the water at a specufic location on the west side of Portland, getting on top of it with a motorbike, clinbing off the motorbike while on top of the floatig trashmaster which dumps you into "grey hell". All that needs to be done then is to navigate to Staunton with the aid of a sniper rifle and lots of ammo. I,ve tried this but can't seem to get it right.


Has anyone done this? I don't like to use cheats (invulnerability, floating cars etc) as they can corrupt the game save data and prevent 100% achievement, but exploiting in-game glitches does not (100% with GTAIII using the Banshee/Portland Tunnel glitch).

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I've done it but I decided to modify this http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3...707510875387684 .first you get a firetruck you go to where you dump the trash master than you slowly drive off but stop just before it fall's in then get out and you are now in gray hell on top of the subway.

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Thanks for the link, that's exactly what I was searching for. I'd tried the trashmaster in the past, but found it was a real pain to land the manchex on it. I tried it using the fire truck as you suggested. much, much better, as I can afford to overshoot a bit and then back up the bike.


That's a terrific glitch to get to Staunton and Shoreside without cheating (cars floating on water etc), and adds an extra challenge to the game. I don't like using cheats, not for the reason that they corrupt the saved data, but they take away the challege of completing the game.


Thanks again....off to Staunton and Shorside to collect the packages, rampages, jumps and side missions. After that, the Story missions beckon. smile.gif

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One thing that you could do is download a 100% save or play the missions to unlock it. Also you can play Maltiplayer with a freind on Staunton Island if your on the PSP version.

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I got a better way use your pcj 600 on full speed drive it to the bridge and once you go too far you will end up in grey hell then jump out from you motocycle and there.

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