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Radar and Map Request

VC Over LC

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Hey all, I need a radar for my concept, as well as a map (which should be surprisingly easy). The radar is the standard GTA IV one, but the left half would have to be the same color yellow as the logo below and the right half would have to be an off-white (a cross between light blue and white).


user posted image


The map is going to have to be GTA IV's renedition of Liberty City. So, take the map, but a nice border around it and then get rid of the Playtpus ship which is in South Broker. If you have trouble finding the Platypus, then tell me and I'll help you find it.


Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me. biggrin.gificon14.gif

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Damn Narcis, you are fast. These are great; exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks a bunch, man. icon14.gif

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