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[RESEARCH] Some mod and skin


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I'm searching some mod but I can't find DL links .. So please if you can me give me one or send me the mod ?






After, I would know if this two mods exist :


- A mod to put trailer to all vehicle ( with cleo it must be possible no ? )

- A mod to open the door one by one from indoor, and outdoor ( I saw a mod where CJ open the door manualy ( with animation ))


To finish, I'm searching some skin :


- A DL link for the 2nd mod ( police and other skin ) : http://gtasamp.meilleurforum.com/t87644-sk...erambulancetaxi

- A DL link or send me this two : http://www.gtanetwork.it/zone/pafiledb.php...on=file&id=6536 & http://www.gtanetwork.it/zone/pafiledb.php...on=file&id=6511

- I replaced all GTA SA vehicle by GTA IV vehicle, but I don't have : "blade", "walton", "packer", "glendale", "camper", "artict2 et 3", "utily van", "sweeper". So if you see a nice car to send me wink.gif

- And a car "Adac" ?



Thank's for reading and helping smile.gif

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See the bold, white text at the top of the forum that says "Modding questions belong in the modding forums!"?




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