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Hi guys,i wonder if you can help me?To start with,i am 51 years old so computery stuff is still baffling me.What i want to know is this.Will my laptop run GTA4.Now before you flame me.yes i have checked the requirements,and as far as i can see i fall closer to the reccommended requirements than the minimum.Having said that,i ran my system on various "can i run it" style websites and they say it fails.Now,i dont understand this,GTA4 is a relativly old game,so my laptop thats not even a year old "should" run it,so i am at a loss here.I will list my specs below,any assistance most greatfully recieved.



AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-75 2.20Ghz


3 Gig RAM

ATI Radeon Mobile HD 4530 512 Mb graphics card.

Win Vista SP2

and loads of HD space.

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I'm sorry to say, but that laptop is not going to play GTA 4. Although CanYouRunIt says it may play it, and GTA 4 is quite old, it's not going to work out.

GTA 4 is 3 years old, that's correct. But you see, GTA 4 is a badly ported game. So, the engine of the game is bad.

All consoles work fine, but for pc, it's about one of the worst ported games ever.


Look at my signature, below this comment.

As you can see, my pc is quite a bit better then your laptop, but my pc also stutters quite a bit.


Again, sorry but your laptop is not going to play GTA 4, or not nicely.

To be sure, look at this. It's the requirements for this game, which you can find at this section of gtaforums.com

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Many thanks VC,i was of the opinion that my Lappy could handle GTA4 but as i said being 51 im not a computer wizz,it seemed odd that such an old game wouldnt run on a fairly new and midish range laptop.I have GTA4 on the PS3 but it cant match the PC for modding and tweaks.Once again cheers mate.



Ooooops didnt see your reply Exxon,ah well looks like i will stick to my PS3 version.I really need a more powerful computer but sadly it HAS to be a laptop and not a tower.An idewal solution would be a laptop screen and keyboard powered by a tower LOL.

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Well, I'm not a REAL expert, but a friend of my also has 2 times a 2.20 GHz processor like you, and a bit of a worse videocard and his GTA 4 is real sh*t (sorry for that), running at everything litterly lowest.

I think you should wait for Garfield 2, JigglyAss, girishb or mkey82 for an opinion, as they are real technicians.

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if you can find gta IV on the net for less than $10, buy it and try it. GTA IV is like vista, it behaves differently on every machine, seems to me. its buggy like vista also. but i love it, unlike vista... rockstar could have sold so many more copies if the would have merely made a demo where niko could run around hove beach... still, target clearanced EFLC for $7.48 from $29.99 (yes, i bought six copies) and GTA IV is still $19.99 -- so somebody must be buying the game

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