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Best display settings for Xbox 360?


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The ones that work best for YOU! Your TV is different to everyone else's and in a different place, even things like light levels in the room may make a difference, try adjusting it a bit to see what suits you.

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Try calibrating the TV with a DVD movie that has the THX Optimizer on it. This will get your TV's contrast, brightness, and saturation correct, and then the default settings in the game will seem better. (You can also calibrate hue if you spend a few bucks to get the paper THX blue glasses from THX.com.) A TV's factory settings usually have way too high contrast and saturation to make it look "louder" in a store. On a calibrated TV the default settings are the best, or maybe with brightness or contrast up a notch or two from the middle. If you adjust it too much for daytime, it'll look bad at night and vice versa.

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I have this:


Full (for referring)









Bright enough for clouds to be fully visible, dark enough for realistic darkness. Saturation is colorful but not too saturated.


But when doing MP, those are my day settings, and at night, I max out everything (because of night annihilator battles)

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