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Game won't load


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So I try to load my GTA IV game and says



The downloadable content requried for this autoload is not available


its for ps3.

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I have tried to turn it off and back on same sh*t.



My other games Gay tonny loads tho

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I have gotten that quite a few times. If your save file is deleted then you must start a new game.

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That's normal, if you are playing one game-say IV, and try to load a save from TLAD/TBOGT, it will say that-you MUST exit the game and restart to select a different game. Also, if the last game you played was different than what you try to load, that message will come up and it will automatically start a new game. Again, You MUST go in to the menu and load your save manually. This is true for the Complete Edition AND the Original EFLC edition of the games. I have both PS3 versions, and that's how it is-"it is what it is"-so to speak. The ONLY way to get it to work right, is with the DLC versions-which are higher priced than BOTH the Complete Editon AND the Original EFLC sets.-The DLC content are $19.99 each(that's around $40), whereas the Complete Edition with ALL 3 games is only $29.96 and the EFLC set is $16.96-That is a $10 and a $24 savings, repectively. I mean, it is not that big of an inconveniance to just exit the game and restart the next game, now is it? confused.gif -I mean, it could be A LOT worse-it could be like the Legal Download(Steam/D2D) versions of VC and SA, where the saves are not compatible between versions-ie. the DLC is not compatible with the EFLC and Complete Edition(Blu ray/DVD-Depending on your platform) and vice versa. Just a friendly heads up/my 2 cents.

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