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:rampage:NCP The Lost MC


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THE Story Of the NCP The Lost

Carlos des Frenzi Was 27 years of age He owned his Own Businesses The Quick Quid Cabs Carlos Had a Wife and a Young Son

Called Lucas Carlos Also Did Some Drug Deals on The Side of his income On the 27th of May 1951 Carlos Had A big Amount

of Cocaine Being Shipped in His Crew The Lost Contained Theese Members Billy,Brian,Clay,johnny,Jim, And Several Others

The Lost Mc Went To the port to collect their Cut of the cocaine They Retrieved The cut Successfully When Back At the Lost Safe House Billy got a connection to get rid off some of the coke All The Lost Went To the Deal Jim And Johnny Went To Meet The Connection It was A gang Connected To the LCPD Jim and Johnny Went to meet the fellow Members of The gang To get rid of the coke the gang called the LCPD whilst the deal was going on The Lost heard Cop Sirens and Opened Fire Billy The Chapter Leader Was Sentenced To Life in Prison Clay and all the other Lost Members Wear Killed at the Deal the Only Survivors of The Deal Were Johnny He Became The Chapter President Jim who was a Loyal Brother to Johnny Brian Had His Head f*cked With and Was Doubting The Chapter President Saying He Set Billy up.There were a Sudden Rise Of Gang Wars The LCPD Knew the Lost Was Back on The Mend Johnny Is Now Looking For Recruits.

But he has 3 Rules


Rule 1:Stay Loyal

Always Stay Loyal don't join any other Gang Listen To The Chapter President.


Rule 2:Secrecy

Never Tell any Other Gang Members or any one else of the Lost activity Unless Told


Rule 3:Never ever Be a Coward

Dont ever Leave a Brother Behind to Die you rather Fight with him till You Both Escape or Both Die Together Being Loyal to The Lost MC

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Don't think that really matters. Try a different name or else the mods WILL close this down.

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