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GTA IV Crash On Boot


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Hey guys, I didn't see this anywhere else, and I did check. So if its a duplicate I apologize in advance.


Today I updated "Microsoft Games for Windows - Live" to GTA IV crashes instantly after pressing Play or Play Offline from the "Log in to social club" box. There is no error message other then "GTA IV Has stopped working".


I uninstalled the Games for Windows, but the game would not work still.


So I downloaded "Microsoft Games for Windows - Live Redistributable" version 3.00.0086.00.


This immediately fixed the problem.


To test my theory I then ran through sevral updates. As soon as I reached GTA IV the problem repeated itself.


For now I'll repeat my fix, or try xliveless, but I hope this information can help someone out if they experience a similar problem.



Windows 7 Ultimate - x64

GeForce GTX 460 - Driver Version 266.58

Latest version of GTA IV via Steam as of 4/20/11

AMD Phenom II X4 940 Processor 2.99 Ghz



Update: Oddly, Live also causes the Games for Windows Marketplace application to crash as well.

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NOTE: There are new video drivers for your GTX, 270.61 WHQL wink.gif

Yeah, I updated after wards. But the problem still persists.

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