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Cleo Need Help!


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Anyone can give me a script was a display something on the vehicle like bullet hole and a script like this(im new on cleo script smile.gif ) : When the player shoot at the vehicle it will display bullet hole on there.


Can i do this???? confused.gif If can i will do a bullet hole script on vehicle , bike , heli , plane and boat!

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Anyone know how to make it?? Please reply...


What i mean "how to make it" is display some blood, scratch or what can be use cleo script to display....


I can use TXD Workshop to make the txd have the bullet hole...but i nid 1 cleo script to display on the vehicle and more....Does you anyone know how to make the script.



A script are have:

When the vehicle or what(include wall and road, but not on waters and pedestrian) shoot by weapon will display the bullet hole where does the weapon shoot(places)...If can, i will make bullet hole on the window and more...


By the way, i also wanna ask can i make a 1 more txd for heli....thats its for heli will down to two damage just like gta iv...Can i do it?? Its that possible?


Please Reply biggrin.gif

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This question has been asked many times before, and everyone has the own opinions personally i dont think it can be done. But you never know, one day Zaz, Deji or PatrickW may come up with something turn.gif

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