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Hello, not sure if this problem has been stated yet, but sometimes when I press 'Preview post' or 'Submit Post' it re-directs me to the forum index.


Thanks for any help,


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I've been unable to access this site at all today, I had to get here through Google Cache. Any idea what's up, and is it just me or other people can't get on here as well?


EDIT: Seems to be working now, not sure what happened but for a good few minutes this site was inaccessible.


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GTAF didn't work til an hour ago, looks fine now. Though RDRF forum skin looks f*cked up.


edit: La Noire too as well as Agent and Dead Island forums.

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An adware problem came to light yesterday on la-noire.net, so that's why that site and others on the same server (Red Dead, Dead Island, Agent) are offline. Any problems here may be connected to that, or at least due to making sure GTAF's servers weren't affected.


Here are a couple of tweets from Andy:



Active IE adware bug found on our servers that host LA-Noire.net & RedDead.net. Sites down until further notice. Sorry guys. sad.gif


Note to GTAForums.com & GTANet.com users: Our Grand Theft Auto sites were not affected by this bug. GTAF, GTA4.net, etc. are fine.



Edit: Looks like the sites are back online now.

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