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Help someone thats new... at modding


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Hi... I'm pretty new to modding, have done very little modding to a handful of games....


I wanted to inquire as to how to use the ENB series mod...

I understand I need to change the values after opening "enbseries.ini"


But how does what I change translate to the game... I mean, where do I put all the files that came packed in the mod i downloaded? I read the readme.txt enclosed in the mod, but it seems the creator expects people to already have a working knowledge on what to do. I'd like to get into modding more of my games... but when no one is willing to help, I find it quite impossible to know what goes where?


Normally modding requires changing some values in a .cfg file or swapping out some files to alter a texture or skin.


If anyone can give me a heads up about what to do with the files from ENBseries mod, I'd appreciate it... or if you could point me in the right direction of a somewhere where its already been explained... I've searched Youtube, but didnt find anything. Thx, and happy modding.

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Hi, for ENB Series just copy the files from the .zip that you downloaded to your GTA4 installation folder.


To make it look best, I recommend trying to find some custom settings that you like in the ENB screenshots thread.


And if you got GTA4 on Steam, ENB won't work 100% because Steam automatically updates to the latest patch, which isn't fully supported by ENB. Pain-in-the-ass solution here: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=474462

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Thank y ou for your reply... I actually just figured that out... but now I have another problem.... I can't save changes to the .ini file.... so I can't alter the game from the default ENB settings... I'm the admin on the comp... so i dont know what the problem could be.

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