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Total Gta 4 to GTA sa


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AS modders have already made some mod named gta 4 to gta sa.

but due to some problemns they can't finish it.

but i know all wanted a mod that converts gta sa to gta 4.

as you have seen previous my mods have been released.

many gta 4 features has been converted into gta sa

cars have been converted by automan

helmet car fire etc

gta 4 pick up to gta sa

and many other mods.

if wee combine these mods together we can make a gta sa 4.

in which all the map city has been converted all the features has been converted

as you all know a mod named enb series which changes graphics.


So therefore i need some help to do all this and make gta sa 4

i think i got co operation from all of you.

express your opinion freely.

soon i give some mod links to you.

stay tuned.

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as you have seen previous my mods have been released.


That right there screams "PBM" at me, since you;

1. are a Player Hater (only 2 posts)

2. have no GTAgarage mods

3. I have never heard of you


You never know though- I will sit back and see what happens, and give you a shot.


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