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For some reason the GTAF search system has never worked for me as it always just comes up with the same page and post order in a different format.

I have a lot of admiration for particular film scores and their composers, particularly Ennio Morricone and Hanz Zimmer. So this could be a good chance for us to post/discuss our favourite film score or favourite composers.


what are some of your favourite movie themes?




The Lonely Shepard -Kill Billl

I would have swon the is ennio, but its actually by russian pan flutist Gheorghe Zamfir.



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Mister Pink
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Oasis - F*ckin' in the Bushes...


Amazing classic Guy Richie feeling to it.. Very Gritty

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Tarantino has great soundtracks, he has such an eclectic taste. Jackie Brown is my favourite.

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Vanilla Shake





These, the score for Inception and the latest Star Trek.

Edited by Vanilla Shake

TC718 / <629 / CF5


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Don't know if this is the topic I should use but you people need to know that There Will Be Blood has a kickin' rad soundtrack. You should should also be aware of how much funk Bullitt contains (a lot).



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Some of my personal favorites

















I have dozens more, but I would venture to say these as of right now have the most plays on my list.

You should also check out Steve Jablonsky as well as James Howard Newton. I absolutely love "Time" from Hans Zimmer, and John Murphy's "Sunshine".





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