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200 armor and health with 99% completion!


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As you can see in the video, by changing the language back and forth, I have 200 health and armor with 99% completion of the game. (Specifically without doing the taxi fares.)


I also saved the glitched game and reloaded it to see if the armor and health will drop again to 150, but it didn't.


You can also see that the game lies in your face by saying you have limitless ammo when you really don't.


I think the glitch has something to do with Rampages, being banned on some countres, because they aren't listed on the French stats.


The glitch was performed in the normal retail version of the game, not the later censored version.


BTW This also works with German but not Italy.


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Sorry, this glitch has been discovered before. The reason is because the German version lacks two vital story missions. To do this glitch, just simply switch to the German language when you are at 99%. You will gain an automatic 1.299% without doing anything else and get those 100% rewards. Note that you can leave out two objectives needed for 100% and still obtain the rewards. I once did this without doing the final two story missions, which was pretty funny to me.


For those who wants the semi technical side of this glitch, click here.

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